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IT work mainly.


I play RPGs, MMORPGs, as well as good old PnP. I'll play pretty much any type of PC or console game except for some of the sports ones, but I usually sit down and blow through a game in 2-4 days and then never pick it back up again once I finish it which is why I usually tend to play MMORPGs.

I suppose I watch a little anime every now and then as well. =p

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BubbleGas Jun 9, 2009

I saw that you've watched both episodes of Tsubasa Shunraiki. A-P has now changed it to 'Completed'. ^_^

JJDun799 Mar 1, 2009


Watched: 335

Dropped: 1

Haha, you must have really hated Witchblade, considering it was the only anime you felt necessary to mark as dropped.

sothis Feb 12, 2008

Mr or Ms Zomdao, I do decree that you need a bio and avatar!

*shifts her monocle and swats you with a cane*

Whoa, random 1800s British moment there o_o

tetra Feb 12, 2008

Thanks =)

I never played the games either, but hack 'n' slash can not go wrong!  

tetra Feb 12, 2008

Oh! You have seen one of the anime I an curious about!

Is Devil May Cry as good as it seems? Since its relatively short its high on my want to watch, but I have seen/heard so little about it (except for fanart^^; )