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Akira is a new transfer student, but he isn't just a normal student. No, Akira, is a very unique person...After saving his teacher (after she wandered into a middle of a fight ^-^';) he is beaten (what seems like) to death, but some how survives. Ms. Aoshika believes there is no way that he could survive, until he shows up to school the next day...Without a single mark on his body.

**The manga is one of my favorites ever so far. The onlt reason I gave it such a low score is because the chapters are so short, and the art isn't my favorite style. The story and the characters save it though. It's worth a look.**


6/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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DeathOnWheels Feb 27, 2010

on the contuary this manga drawing style is one of my favorites and the plot is quite good though im not sure where it was heading at some points. I give it 8/10 total after reading upto chapter 47 or as more peple say it 5 volumes.

story 6/10

charictors 8/10

art 9/10

total 8/10