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Fail at consumer relations and repent forever. Find me somewhere on Rizon.

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shadedream Jul 21, 2012

Sounds like someone needs an Apple product to fill the empty hole in their life :(

sothis Jul 21, 2012

"Repent forever" - that's some ego there, buddy! By the way, you missed removing your fav characters :)

(Really, you just wasted more of your time - I could just as easily remove your account for you all in one click if that's what you want)

JarOfFries May 11, 2011

Watch macross frontier!

Minai99 Apr 19, 2011

Yay! Second comment! What's up Zinfrared?

bobjoe Mar 18, 2011

In response to your comment:

Ah, I understand. If the set of episodes you are watching has 28 episodes, then it has everything.

Personally I find that watching in the original, shuffled up, broadcast order is very interesting, but since you've already seen all of the "Melancholy" arc in order, it doesn't really matter at this point (That's the one that gets "shuffled up" the most, for the dramatic effect of revealing the final episode as the ending of the first series).