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I just spent a long time watching then reading the anime and manga "Suzuka".

It was kind of good.  The anime was a bit mundane and they were equally cliche.  However, one might say there were some lessons to learn from it about what NOT to do.  Over-all, I found it kind of frustrating, but I do like the character "Suzuka".  I knew someone like her, once.

The ending...  Mmm...  It was obviously not what people expected or wanted, but it was a bit special none-the-less.

So, over-all, I liked "Suzuka".

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TheMajor5 avatar TheMajor5
Nov 25, 2009

Ahhh i wasnt planning to come back but ahhh i think ill even write a review on this manga i like it so much.  The ending was IMO perfect.  I agree with what they did (damnit i need spoiler tag here) I mean i would have done the same most likely.  I think alot of people when put in that situation would feel the way Yamato did and didnt want to ruin his first (u know) with Suzuka.

The thing that makes it a good read, is that it makes you feel these emotions, you know; sympathizing with the characters and rooting for them and then turning the other way and getting disgusted at Yamato for being a dumbass.  Teacher told me if a writer can make you feel all kinds of emotion during a read than it truly is amazing, and thats how i feel about Suzuka.  (seriously its so hard without spoils!!!!). 

But its a blog so we all have our opinons.  I will say that after i stopped at chapter 4 for a day, i read to chapter 48, then another day to 84, than last night to 166.  Yes i got pulled in by the manga and couldnt stop reading.  Im not good at describing how awesome a manga is ( you have to know the feeling)  when its so good you cant put words to it XD. 

But the ending was just for the couple.  I never would have seen Suzuaka in the begging doing what she did in the end. but im a sucker for happy endings so i thought it was really appropriate.  (i think i could go on all day how much i like this manga, so ill stop here for now XD)

ZetsumeiTsumi avatar ZetsumeiTsumi
Nov 25, 2009

It pulled you in and was just as addictive for you as it was for me, wasn't it?  I found myself having a really hard time pulling myself away from the manga to do some of the stuff I should have been doing instead.

I wish that I had a [SPOILER] tag, but what I mean about the ending, is it would have been a lot better had they both 'stayed the course'.[/semi-spoiler]  >IMO<

TheMajor5 avatar TheMajor5
Nov 25, 2009

I wont say much (sarcasm), but i will say i grew really attached to the characters and thought it was one the best -romance/ drama/school life/ -mangas ive read thus far.  Most manga (example): Love Hina is very repetative after a while and so it gets boring.  Suzuka kept me up hours (actually i pulled an all nighter tonight so i could finish it) and justt the twists and love trianlges and determination, was just amazing.

Some may say cliche and not may agree with the ending, but i felt it was just for the couple, the ending was legit amazing and this manga will go up in my top list.  Im not sure what else to say except that i loved Suzuka all the way, not a single bad chapter.

Also i was listening to -Filter - Take a picuture-the last few chaps so dare i say i did get kinda of emotional that it all happened, and it was over, sad that its over, wish it could go on for many more chapters.

I just hope the anime is as good.  hope it doesnt ruin the manga and does it justice.  well who knows i may not even watch it.

Great blog, im glad i got to share my opinon on this amazing manga!

totavo avatar totavo
Oct 10, 2009

Its been a while since i watched suzuka but i agree with your statements. Good blog.

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