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What AdventureQuest means to me

Well, to anwser that question first we have to figure out what AQ is, not simply labelling the gameplay expierience as the best rpg ever but with a more scientific approach and risk it to dulling to single-player RPG with server-stored characters. Another hazard is just giving your character an alignment say chaotic neutral and sticking with it which does not exactly help to define AQ either.The biggest plus of the game seems to be turn-based combat and there semms to be no harm in overstating that as long as it is done in the comparison to Fallout or HeroesIII or Disciples but that aswell can indicatee to the tip of the iceberg underwater rocks or reefs situation when some aspects of the other game in their setting is clearly superior to AQ's, while that special feeling of meeting most of the NPCs at the beginning of the game accomplishes what other games couldn't do - gives you reasuerance and a feeling of safety yet it can result in a false impression of staying out of trouble or harm's way and there can be some debate on this curious effect being considered the merit. Obvious advantage of AQ's interface is the ability to cast spells on the fly with a single click which can certainly hold plenty of appeal to nether-tempted part of playerbase. It's quite easy to spot the downsides which can be pretty handful - there weren't any spells released which would provide superior coolness factor after Brillhado Feathers and Twilly's healing now occurs automatically rather than after clicking Heal Me Please button, weapons no longer deal stable two-digit damage and monsters don't see stats useless to their build as valid investment, the simplicity of three bars reduced by sp bar and pets/guests use sp/mp as a resource rather than just staying at their spot. While at that is almost impossible to determine AQ's one original and all-aluring aspect which is supposedly originated from playing other games and being fond of one or the other item/mechanic, which can equal but is not limited to vampric rage(Crystal of Restless Shadows) or reflect(well, that's a Dragonfable thing) damage. Weekly updates and daily caps play their part aswell first greatly enhancing the replayability quality while second providing a great incentive to play regularly and safe-keeping carebear's worh while greatly diminishing hardcore member's of the community.

"The overhead of emulation is not just significant (more like huge).The clock/core compareason could hold if xbox360 and ps3 code could run natively on PC architectures, but you can see that even PC ports have severe issue at that, so nevermind emulation succeeding where porting fails (memory bandwidth is an issue too, and there's nothing to do about needing superpowerful hardware, in the event that emulation even works). "

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