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Hi all.

Originally from Animesuki.forums under the name "Frostydrops", i joined Anime-planet because i love reading the reviews here. Especially a fan of Sothis's reviews since he guided me to several great shows. 

Although im a member since 2007, i only became active at 2010. You can find me on the AP forums under "Zerocrossings" and Animesuki forums under "Frostydrops".

I like mindf*ck and romance. Generally, i like depressing ones. It could be action, but if its depressing, i would like it. (eg, Gungrave) So if you do know any depressing animes, you could recommend them to me. :)

I tend to dislike harem/ecchi shows as they tend to be shallow and uninteresting.

I plan to do consistent reviews myself on both anime and manga, and i do hope you would check them out. Feedback and critism are welcomed. :)

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eleniyo1992 says...

I read your Elfen Lied review, and I absolutely enjoyed it with all my heart! I haven't read the whole manga yet, I've only watched the anime, but I agree in many aspects with you. 

Also I read your "About me" section and I like that there's actually someone else out there  besides me who actually Likes depressing stuff^^

But you haven't rated many anime and manga to see which of them you have already watched/read, to recommend you more =/ Anyways, I will be glad to discuss anime/manga with you, so hit me anytime =D

Apr 26, 2012
ukato says...

Hey ^.^

Sorry for months-late reply, but i try not to log in during uni time, coz then i spend too much time loitering on the net, and run out of time for uni work :)

I jsut finished my exams yesterday - killer timetable: one exam on Friday, Saturday, and then TWO on Monday, lol

How have you been these past months? btw A-P's got quite a few new features huh? Badges and whatnot. And GIF avvys, i think ive seen?!

Cya later ^.^

Nov 1, 2010
ukato says...

Hey hey~! ^.^

Speaking of the recommendation systems here, do u also go to MAL? Coz i also really like that site for its rec's as well, and infact their "listing" system is way more intense, like even adding info about what episodes u have DOWNLOADED and even what size/resolution etc, lol.  But because its so intense that i just cant be bothered (too lazy) to fully setup my account over there, lol XD

Oh and i dont use the forums here, lol. But i lurk alot on MAL's forums XD

So are you much of a "current season anime"-watcher? Or do u go more for older completed series? Myself, im a bit of both, but mostly current season: I watch like, 5-7 of current series whenver a new ep airs, and in between those im watching an older completed series. I dont watch too much during semesters though, uni takes up a lot of time *sigh* But yeah, im in the sem-break right now, so i basically get up and watch anime, and then sleep, lol ^^

These few weeks i went from watching Comedy to Drama to Romance right now. Im watching KimiKiss -pure rouge- right now, have u seen/heard of it? Coz i see you listed Romance as you fav genre ^^ I wasnt much of a romance-fan myself previously, but now im quite enjoying it =) Theres a current (new) series thats also Romance, its called Amagami SS, maybe you'd like to check it out sometime ^^

Well, let me know if u've got any good series to recommend, im gonna be finished KimiKiss about tomorrow sometime, so i'll be needing a new series soon (>^.^)>

Talk to you later~ ^^

Jul 5, 2010
ukato says...

Hey ^^

Yeah, i much prefer Prunus Girl, probably because of the hilarious yet sweet interaction between Maki-kun and Aikawa. I love how he/she (Aikawa i mean, lol) teases Maki all the time, OH and my favourite scene was the bit with the cola/peach flavoured candy thing ^.^ Although, i wasnt really sure what happened there precisely - did Aikawa give Maki the cola one (meaning Aikawa was fine being a girl as long as he/she was with Maki?) But anyways, its not really that important - i just loved that setup and scenario though <3  XD

Yeah, NHK does pretty much stand in a catergory of its own. OH i loved how real the show was, esp at the bit where Yamazaki-kun (i think that was his name - the bishoujo-otaku guy next door to Sato-kun) when he left for the country, i half-expected that he would come back some how coz that kind of cheesyness often happens in anime and other media-forms nowadays, but then it didnt happen, which kinda shocked me, but then i realised that it just destroy the realism of the show if he did. (although him finding a girl via pre-arranged-dating was a bit "meh" though... )

LOL, yeah i really hope the mangaka of Prunus Girl doesnt pull a copout and make Aikawa actually a girl disguised as a boy for some lame reason - hopefully they keep him as a boy and explore that "pure love" can exist between 2 men XD

Yeah, well i myself have just finished i really want to talk to others about it as well ^^ But i suck at writing, lol.  So i end up making a terrible excuse of a few-paragraphs blog on it, haha XD But for some reason i end up writing REALLLYY long posts/comments to ppl, lol, so i guess it just shows im good at rambling but not at writing better coherent pieces XD

Well, i'll talk to u next time then ^^ Oh and are u planning to add the anime u've seen to your profile here on A-P or do u use another site? I realise in your bio u said about AnimeSuki, but the way u worded it sounds like that forum got closed..?

Cya tomorrow~~ (maybe? ^.^)

Jul 3, 2010
ukato says...

Oh hey, thanks for your thanks about Prunus Girl <-> Pretty Face ^^

I really like both manga, which is a real shame the group scanlating Prunus Girl is relatively slow (although, that can be said to most manga... :(

I like your review on Angel Beats. To be honest, i too felt it doesnt really have much to like about it, if you take away a) the awesome animation b) the fact it was made by Key. Its storyline was pretty much all over the place, which some would call it "twists" but it felt pretty stuffed up really... And the relationship between Kanade and Yuri suddenly changing like that was quite wtf. Still, it was wonderful eye-candy, and it was entertaining, but i honestly deepdown dont think it was anywhere near the depth of the other Key works, like Kanon, Air and Clannad...

You like depressing anime huh? This recent (current) uni break, i just got totally into highschool-rom-com-drama-tragedy-emotional stuff, like Air, Kanon, Clannad, sola, myself yourself, true tears etc.. Is that the kind of stuff you like? Or is it more like, deepdepression mindfcuk stuff like Lain and Bokurano?

Oh and judging by your avvy i guess you really liked NHK too right?? ^.^ I thought that was a wonderfully "real" show, wish there was more stuff like that, could u recommend me any?

Speaking of which, how come u were looking at PrunusGirl/PrettyFace, coz neither of them are really depressing actually?

Well, anyways, thanks for your thanks and nice to meet you~!! (>^.^)>

Looking forward to more of your reviews! (and lols soz for the "tl;dr-post" XD)


Jul 1, 2010