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skyphoenix says...

True, I hate when anime drags on but sometimes they're so good you don't care and the ending really bothered me.

Visual novels are cool. I was going to download one but I heard they take a while to finish and since I already watch anime and read manga I didn't really want another distraction.

Feb 6, 2014
skyphoenix says...

I thought I already replied... maybe in my head... Anyway I'm not too sure if Rewrite is getting an anime but it seems likely since its on the list. Also Bleach is getting a final season I think because the authour is currently on hiatus to finally conclude it. I am so jealous, I want to play a visual novel as well... 

Feb 6, 2014
skyphoenix says...

Haha yeah, as you can tell from my profile, I am a fan of Key (and Jun Maeda). I can't wait for Rewrite to come out this year...

Feb 4, 2014
skyphoenix says...

I saw that you were watching Little Busters! EX, so I decided to friend you... :)

Feb 4, 2014
skyphoenix says...

Hello :)

Feb 3, 2014