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      Hi, my name is @#$% and I'm a closet anime lover. After spending most of my time making fun of people who watched anime while I was in high school (no lie, most of them were my friends and every one of them was an otaku class nut job, i.e., Naruto headbands, and the like), I got into it too shortly after I graduated. Granted, I had seen a few during middle school like Trigun for example, but I never really caught the bug. Of course, I did have a bed-time and it was rather difficult to explain what I was watching to my parents so I quit for a long time.

       After I graduated though, I started watching them again and it got to the point that if I was home I was on my computer watching anime. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you view it, both my parents and my room-mate (long story there) figured out what I was doing and have since ragged on me about it every chance they get. Hence why I try to stay in the closet about it, or at least pretend to.

       Brief comment on how I like my anime/manga: if the story doesn't have any romance in it, then it's not a story I want to waste my time with. Usually.

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sothis Jan 23, 2013

thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like the site! ^_^