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Ghost Hunt

(First, sorry if I make mistakes in my language. It is kinda crappy)


The story actually wasn't that good as I hoped. Few cases were almost boring to watch. I was hoping to see that the characters would be more dragged into those cases. Yeah, they were involved and very deeply in it, but when things got interesting, the solving was quite often disappointing. Also I thought they will open up those characters and add more... emotional tension between characters. That girl crush thingy was just a bit pathetic to watch.


I'm quite picky on the animation part (Sorry, I don't speak manga or anime so Iäm gonna explain it my way) and that was... satisfying. I like sharpness and adult looking characters. Though it wasn't nothing special. For me it was neutral. Not disturbing but not something to enjoy.


That was honestly the first thing that made me keep watching. The opening song. But the music during the story - It was fine. Fitting perfectly, but not something that stands out. But I still love the opening and closing music. 


Now they were great. I loved that they had different types of characters. Especially I liked the cold hearted ones. Anime really knows how to make them work in their shows. In this show, everyone were so different but still they made an excelent combination. I only wish they would open up more of the characters during those cases.


I'm gonna give it 7. It was a great show. Not a waste of time and it had some really good pearls in it, but also there were those holes, where I tend to fall a sleep. Still, I loved the main characters. Also the animation suited with the story. The whole picture  made it very watchable show, and I reccomend it. It is not a crap, but not an outstanding piece either. 

7/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall

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