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Hello I'm a big fan of anime,drawing,making Amvs I also game.

I have been watching anime with my siblings ever since I was little. It has become a huge part of my life and influenced many of the hobbies / skills I have develped over the years. I love it.

My favorite types of anime are ones with amazing action and fight scenes like Attack on titan, Tokyo Ghoul, hunter x hunter, Berserk,claymore things of that nature..

also I love horror and Psychological type anime like Higurashi,Shiki,Jigoku Shoujo,Mirai Nikki,

Elfen Lied,Evangelion, Steins;Gate, Ergo Proxy,Monster,serial experiments lain,Ghost in the Shell  are a few.

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lindapearl Sep 13, 2014

nice header and avatar

KiraRen Sep 12, 2014

Ok my email is [email protected] what is yours?😁

KiraRen Sep 12, 2014

You are truly an interesting person. Hmmm..... I am going to give you my email to make contacting easier if that is ok with you. texting in a verification code is getting annoying. I talk a lot to my friends. So I apologize if I am too bothersome.

KiraRen Sep 12, 2014

Oh yeah thanks for following

KiraRen Sep 12, 2014

I want to go there. Is it nice? Here is fun too. I love my house. Do you have a favorite color or animal? what is your favorite mythical creature?