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I prefer Manga over Anime usually. Bad animation really ticks me off.

I tried to make an AMV:


What to say.... normal guy, who like to watch Anime ,,long time ago I watched Anime Elfen Lied, and since then I have become addicted to Anime xD,,, i like this genre: horror, tragedy, violence, bloody, crazy, drama, mystery, vampires, zombies, sci-fi, fantasy...

My favorite Manga is:

My favorite Animes are:

My favorite Anime Movies are:

My personal option is that SUB's are better than DUB's, because orginal  voices are always better, its in japanese and you can learn lot of japanese words.

If you want to know more about me, ask me ;) 

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MelloZebra Jun 29, 2013

Haha I like Scooby XD. My first ps1 game was UmJammer Lammy :) I sucked so hard, though. It wasn't till I was older I actually got the hang of it xDD The disc broke a few years ago and I never got it replaced XD;; So much for zhat game XD


Yeah, I always read manga when i'm bored inside the house; I don't actually have a phone X"D That's why playing a game on the PS vita, would totally be WAAAYYYYYYY better then the crappy games I have on my DS XD

Invalid link D: But I can say that if it's a heavy metal band, it should be awesome :D I'm more of a rock band fan though. And occasionally screamo but that's rarely XD The concert i'm going to have my two favorite rock bands in one place :'D Well, most catagorize them as punk or emo, but it's actually rock XD


The same as before I met you XDD

MelloZebra Jun 29, 2013

Why yes I am XDDD

I know. xobx suxxors BIG time. The only people who like it are the ones who like the mainstream games that most likely suck. (Don't get me wrong, some mainstream games are awesome :DD) (And I mean no offense to anyone who likes the two). But yeah, I was reading an article, AND IT SUCKED EVEN MORE.

Anyways! n.n

Hm...I heard that the older version could play ps1 as well ._.

*5 minutes later comes back having researched as well to prove your point and see more details*

WELL lol it doesn't really matter now XD I already have a ps1 *has flashbacks to the good 'ol days playing old games X"D* So I guess at least it plays ps2 as well :3 

I'm so getting the ps4 though. And the ps vita. It'd be nice to have that for boredom when going to places i'm forced to :'D *such as food shopping, the doctors etc* 

But, i'll save more money after september XD *Is saving it for tickets for a concert she's dying for that's not ONE DIRECTION *cringes at the name*, so don't worry* IT HAS TWO OF MY FAVOIRTE BANDS IN ONE CONCERT THAT'S LIKE UEHJSKWEQOCHD AWESOME ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY. **cough**

AND THANK YOU. I'll try this one out XD

Where would I be now without your help? XDD

MelloZebra Jun 28, 2013

I said ps2....*bangs head on wall* stupid typo's...sorry about that xD

Ah I know! It's way better then Xbox one. I've been trying to get an old version of ps3 because it can play ps2,1, and 3 games on it but it's hard to find sadly :I 

Ah I've heard of that one. Seems pretty cool actually :D

And I know that one as well. Not exactly my cup of tea though. Might try it sometime soon who knows xD

Ey, maybe I'll just play it after or something :P you never know.

I just really need to get fraps first. I searched YouTube and you'll have to pay for it one way or another. It only records 30 seconds. :I 

CutlassPrincessX Jun 28, 2013

Have you ever seen Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro chan? Although quite gory (but nothing serious), I rather like it. I just started it, it's funny. Some episodes have a specific plot. Others are just...random. 

MelloZebra Jun 28, 2013


I'm most likely going solo. I mean even if she was going to do so, she'd be the boring stick in the mud Cryaotic XD *has nothing against him. Watches his video's aswell just not that often XD*

Why yes it is! The only worse combination is heat :'D

I agree. What I might do is how Pewds started off. Without showing his face till he got used to recording the first several then actually show it. Well I don't know XD 

It depends XD Especially on the game. I know i'm NOT doing The Last Of Us. For two reasons, it's awesome but almost every YouTube gamer is doing it, and I don't have a PS2 XD

Pssssft. Your commentary? (and it's ok XD) I think that's the hardest part XD Not editing but that XD

I think it's easier livestreaming games. If you have not so many views it's easier to talk, JUST REPLY TO LIVE COMMENTS XDD

Anyways! That's a good question. I had these RPG's I started recording but I forgot why I stopped. Either way i've realized, almost no one has done Anna: EXTENDED EDITION they all did the first. And i'm really chicken to play it but hey! Every horror gamer starts off like that XD

Yet I play Amnesia with no problem. Even when I see Grunt aka THE BRO I don't scream unless in a custom map. Even then I don't unless they're jumpscares XD

Wow I'm so brave :'D (Psssfft not XD) XDD