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I prefer Manga over Anime usually. Bad animation really ticks me off.

I tried to make an AMV:


What to say.... normal guy, who like to watch Anime ,,long time ago I watched Anime Elfen Lied, and since then I have become addicted to Anime xD,,, i like this genre: horror, tragedy, violence, bloody, crazy, drama, mystery, vampires, zombies, sci-fi, fantasy...

My favorite Manga is:

My favorite Animes are:

My favorite Anime Movies are:

My personal option is that SUB's are better than DUB's, because orginal  voices are always better, its in japanese and you can learn lot of japanese words.

If you want to know more about me, ask me ;) 

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Naga Oct 30, 2013

Ma pisi na cemu ti se sprdne, ko da je bitno. xD

Sigurno ima, i znam par budala koje to vole. 

Uzeo sam ime od poprsne starije sestre Rine Inverse, Nage, iz Slayers. Nema se puno rec o njoj osim sto ima jeben smijeh i pije ko luda, a i to sto je zena zmija. xD

PunPun je prica o odrastanju jednog... djecakal... koji je nacrtan kao ptica. Nema bas H materijala tamo, neg je orijentirano prema tome da se mali PunPun upoznaje sa seksualnoscu i tako to. Mislim, da, imaju scene di ga napadnu vagine obucene u pidjame sa magicnim stapicima... al ono, simbolika i to. :3

Ma ja ne citam bas nesto osim nekog shorta tu i tamo, i to sto pratim PunPun-a i iscekujem novi Berserk.  Ja citam/gledam kako mi se sprdne, a i pratim airinge koje mi se svidjaju. 

Naga Oct 29, 2013

Strange... I'd bet that there's more Bokurano fans out there... oh well. And also, I think that manga was way better.

I have no idea where I stopped with Franken... and yeah, I didn't find much entertainment in it, but I still enjoyed few particulary twisted stories. Right now I'm enjoying myself with Oyasumi PunPun... lovely gem - it's a shame it's not popular enouhg. 

Ma znam ja ;) Samo sto nisam dugo naiso na balkanca pa mi bilo cudno pocet. I da, deda je zbunjola al ga je predivno gledat. U rangu sa Draganom. :D

Naga Oct 28, 2013

Ah, seeing name Zearth reminded me of good ol' Bokurano. Loved that show - still one of my all time favourites. 

Seeing that lovely still of woman centipede from Franken Fran reminded me of how much I liked that particular story... but cringed a bit of the end of it. Good times.

Sta jos reci? Koju posluku porat? xD

Akihara Oct 9, 2013

I see. Thanks for telling me.

Akihara Oct 8, 2013

Thank you. 

Well, I haven't watched Mirai Nikki or Claymore, so I'm not able to give any suggestions. However, making AMVs it's more of a matter of interpretation. When working with it, you choose the song that you think it might go well with certain aspects from an anime. So, you don't have to worry about that :)

As for having enough time and lazyness, I think this is common xD Anyway, good luck with it ^_^

I don't know about that program. Can you tell me more about it?