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So blah blah blah welcome to my profile and such as all the cool kids would normally say.

" I was a little late to the whole anime list scene, So it might be a while till i add the few other hundread animes ive seen to the list. "

Q. Who are you?

A: Your typical 23 year old Anime/Computer nerd. Iv been an anime fan for many years now. Collecting almost any kind of anime merchandise there is. The rule is pretty much you name it ive seen it as far as anime goes, theres not a lot i havent seen unless its something really new or really bad and old. Heck ive even seen most of the bad animes anyways lol. But im mostly into the Romance/Comedy Genre, especially when it has to do with aliens or something sci fi. I play keyboard in rl " Specifically the Korg M3 Workstation " usually anime or game related songs. I currently make a living off the game second life. And that pretty much sums up most of my personal info.

Q. What is Kawaii Anime & Shin Akiba City?
A: Kawaii Anime is the clothing/accesory store i run and manage in the game second life. Shin Akiba being the city its locatied in. It's actually one of the oldest and most popular anime locations on the grid so if you play im sure youve been there. If not feel free to drop in and say hi sometime.

Always believe in yourself. Do this and no matter where you are, you will have nothing to fear.
- Baron Humbert von Gikkingen " The Cat Returns "

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