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i check this all the time and if you ever want to chat about anime feel free to swing by and post something and ill try and respond as soon as i can. Thanks.


(not me but people who make great amvs^^^)

Currently Watching: Too many anime at one time... I need to focus on 1 lol


Recent anime ive watched that i suggest: Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo (The Pet Girl of Sakurasou) <- This was an amazing anime... i really loved it and very few things make me cry and even fewer animes have had moments where i cried (angel beats, code geass, FMA, SAO, and Toradora!. {ok thats more than a couple times but hey they were some really sad moments}) Especially episodes 23 and 24... i watched them both on the same day and couldnt help but have tears streaming down my face... i looked like 'pigtails' (thats a reference to the anime) anyway id greatly recommend that to anyone who would even remotely consider watching it!

<image: Sakurasou-no-Pet-na-Kanojo.jpg (702×1000)>


Hi My name is Aaron! Add me on facebook, twitter, or google plus...but screw google plus... <-(Ray William Johnson joke here btw) oh i also have a skype too...

I only really started watching anime about 16 months ago, i had watched some stuff like DBZ and Pokemon when i was a kid, but recently a friend of mine started telling me about anime hooked! i enjoy a wide variety of animes, and i also am currently trying my hand at making some AMV's which i hope to share with people in the near future, but i digress... I hope to really get into this community of people!

BTW My name is Aaron and along with my love for anime and all things asian i play some games (occassionally now but used to play alot) like: World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, MW3, and some Real Time stratagy games. Some other stuff i like to watch besides anime is NCIS, MONK, Burn Notice, Stargate SG-1, and Dr. Who. I used to read all the time but i barely get around to it anymore but the Inheritance Series by Christopher Paolini is by far my favorite books (im dissapointed in how it ended though...) ive read them all atleast 3 time each XD

I love listening to music along with watching anime my favorite kind of music is pretty much: Dubstep/Trance/Nightcore but i also like rock.

PS. Please excuse the way i talk by shorthanding a bunch of stuff im so used to it that i cant help it sometimes even though i hate to unless talking with friends...

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dBo0ii Dec 16, 2012

Haha, No worries man, just happy for the reply.

Funnily enough I stopped watching anime untill my friend introduced me to bleach, and then I passed him and now it seems our roles have changed, whenever I wanted to hear about different anime I would always talk with him. But now it seems like I've seen a whole lot more than him so he's always asking me hahaha.

I would play more online games if I had a better computer but I guess I never have the money for a decent one haha.

Anyway good talking to you just message me whenever =)

dBo0ii Dec 15, 2012


Man, just looking at your profile tells me we have quite alot in common,

I see that you make AMV's, I tried to attempt one to get the feel of using programs like Sony Vegas and enjoyed it alot so im trying to come up with some ideas for more AMV's.

I play alot of games aswell but I'm more a console person, as I never can afford a decent computer, haha

I also enjoy reading and the Inheritence Series is amazing, but I just never got around to finishing it (I haven't read the final in the series.)

And our music is quite similar. I love listening to all kinds of electro music...Dubstep, DnB, Trance, Techno.

Anyway leave me a message if you want to chat, I check AP daily, if not every other day, haha

Peace =P

Jerakyae Dec 4, 2012

Thanks, I will try my darnest! hehe 

Kumonorei Dec 3, 2012

Thanks for the welcome! It's nice to see a friendly community online!

KaidaStrife Nov 8, 2012


Even now, I'm still finding anime I've watched and manga I've read that I forgot to tack down