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Heya, random person enjoying my awesome Lv. 9999 - 1 XP from Leveling Up - profile! I watch anime; you watch anime; I'm an Anime-Planet character moderator.

How to pronounce my name as intended: ZAY-G

PS: Birds are awesome - tell your friends! 

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CommanderKarasu Jun 2, 2015

Is that pick-up line a Zaig original? I get the feeling you've used it during one of your more lonely workshifts. Did it work? I bet it didn't. And instead of all that, why don't you let just let me borrow your PS3? It'll be just for a bit. I promise! 

I had to tough it out! I'm a true survivor.

Pfft. No way. That doesn't happen. But the real problem here is you. What are you doing? >:l Stop treading on spoiler territory, young man. You're making me angry, and you do not want me to be angry. I'm going to have to put a bag over your head to keep your eyes off of such things. 

And no, I did not take forever to reply to this.

CommanderKarasu May 16, 2015

Unlike some people, I don't have fancy things such as Crunchyroll and Netflix to keep me online all the time. I only ever use my PS3 for games and watching my Blurays. I've been getting online more lately, though. And how dare you! My 360 is my baby. It's been with me for years and has never given me any problems, unlike a certain other system we both know of. I shall be getting Star Ocean soon-ish. Unless I get distracted by some other game. It happens.

I wish I could have recorded stuff back then. It would have made everything so much easier. D: Never had that option though. My dad didn't care. ;__; Such sadness.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that does happen. >:l After Shippuden finishes/if it ever finishes, would you be up to reading the small spin-off manga that recently started? I imagine it'll be animated at some point, but only three chapters are out and it'll probably be a while. You might run into more spoilers by then too. I made a thread for it in the forum and you could join in. :D

CommanderKarasu May 10, 2015

Seems Star Ocean is all over the place in platforms. Nevertheless, I am intrigued and have added it to my list of things to play. I might try out The Last Hope, and if I like it then I'll keep my eye on the new one coming out. I've been trying to play my PS3 more. It's difficult sometimes, since I only really want to play the exclusives and leave everything else to my 360 so I can hunt for achievements, but I'm slowly racking up a list. 

Ah, the dub. That makes sense. I was too excited to wait. xD I've been itching to rewatch the entire show. I didn't get to see The Final Act dubbed, but I'll definitely get to it soon. I hope. I've been slow on the anime lately... still in the middle of rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho and Naruto. Haha, I remember staying up until 5:30 to catch a few shows. Thinking back on it now, it was dumb to stay up that late instead of just waking up early. Then again, I was terrible at rising early. And I still am. I remember at one point I watched an episode of Beyblade that came on at midnight. I noticed another episode came on at 2am, so I stayed up for it. Turns out it was just a rerun of the episode I had just watched. I was so angry. 

If there's another filler arc after this one finishes, I will... do something. I don't know what, but it won't be good. However, I don't think that will be happening. I checked Google and it seems the official episode schedule for the month is out. Judging by the episode titles, the fillers should hopefully be over on May 28th. I want it to end so badly, but at the same time I'm terrified. I'm afraid Pierrot will somehow ruin the ending with either slow pacing, crammed in flashbacks, filler, or bad animation... or all of the above. Please, Pierrot, for once just animate what's in the manga NICELY and be done. @_@ At the same time, I also really want you to see the ending so we can talk about it! 

CommanderKarasu May 1, 2015

What's Star Ocean like? I told myself that this year I would venture more into RPGs, but I haven't gotten there yet. Star Ocean is one I've seen around a lot, along with Tales of. I also want to get into Final Fantasy, but I don't even know where to start with that. Plus there's all the previous Atelier games I still need to look into. So much stuff! D:

How in the world have you not watched Final Act? That's preposterous. It came out in 2009, that's forever ago! I have a lot of good memories with Inuyasha too. I always fought to stay up to watch it, especially that one time they aired all the movies. Watching stuff was so difficult those days. You missed one episode or movie and who knows when you'd see it again. It's so different now. xD I was such a loser, putting my TV shows before everything and anything else in fear of missing something imporant in the story. 

I'll be sure to let you know. :p Just don't hold your breath. I honestly wouldn't worry about getting to them any time soon. It's a big filler arc revolving around the "second" Chuunin Exam, the one that happened during the time skip into Shippuden. The idea is cool and I was initially excited as it was something I always wanted to see, filler or not, but it's unbelievably half-assed. The beginning wasn't bad, but after they got to the fighting aspect it went all downhill. I suggest going back to it once the show is finished. 

CommanderKarasu Apr 24, 2015

Hmm, maybe I'll look into it once I'm in need of something new. I have Black Flag and Uncharted 3 to play, plus I recently bought Bioshock so I could replay it. It's one of my favorite games and I've been dying to play again. I also have to go back to Shallie at some point...

I'll beat that end boss one day. But today is not that day.~

Pft, I remember when the first episode of Inuyasha aired on TV as well. That was back in 2002! I'm not ashamed. And I'm not sure how long the finale will be. You can never know anymore. Pierrot wants to stretch everything out. All I can say is that there are 38 chapters left to be animated. 38 damn chapters left and they're messing around with fillers. I swear.

Also, super late reply. :D