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Shion no Oh

Shion no Ou's description painted a picture in my head of Hikaru no Go + (a bit of ) Death Note, and it delivered on that promise...Kinda...

If you don't know what shougi is (like I didn't at the time of watching) it's practically Japanese chess...Not knowing ANYTHING aboot Shougi/chess, I was rather hesitant to watch, but I figured I gave Hikaru no Go a shot, why not?!

What's start out with a rather dark opening, devolves into a half and half story...On one side you have Shion and her friends playing through tournaments and up the ranks ofshougi in order to better themselves...On the other side, you have a couple of detectives trying to unravel the mystery of Shion's parents murder 8 years ago...

So the Death Note portion isn't as deep as I would have liked and the ending seems rushed and the motive of the killer is bizarre to say the least...Overall, I liked it, but felt it wasn't as interesting as I thought it could be, though I enjoyed watching it...I bet if I knew more aboot shougi, that would have helped the intensity of the matches...

Still, good series, worth checking out for a 22 episode series, check it out!!

8/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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