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Place or three times sir over many friends you can get him to make the video your fans named go in okay your friend gives up their names your name go on their peace less and less they want with their own and you know maybe stab you in the back I court you know I can I don't blame is a nice but which already given away over I haven't decided yet I really haven’t decided if she'd the ones that are there right now anyway in the new it's been made all the time so something that you see mention that in the message in the US you too you can actually get the picotherwise Safer Colon it of polyploidy at f course you know here industrious so it where the places done before you say that you want it you 1 and that's that yet go to have made the same all comes said a journalist alright all %uh thank you for watching the show absolutely i it's always been great making the show's next show we're going to try and get thieving on as their dalai the escape interview from Newfoundland baby I like it shell with her big bang theory kind of set said about the iPod it attendees here with us there'll be no turning that it yes I like it like turning chairs who spent the other way thanks yeah thanks for watching the show what I think future for they debated for providing the equipment that makes the show but also to carioca passion is still also its donations for John Cook a who used to be the Nova Scotia right here love the cannabis buyers club love Canada Nova Scotia and the vice chair mom and get a hold of us to drop off donations like yes my collection for yes toughest got three Martha’s each side absolutely that's that great Peace Love inhibition take yourselves they say....

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