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You feel comfortable with there's a lot you choose regard are surrounding adoption that term need to be educated on and I well um adjust if you do want an open adoption and when people say open adoption it’s just not open or close there's a lot of variations in open adoption open adoption could be as simple as meeting once or twice army could be I’ve had those situations where birth mom's a vessel that with the adoptive families are not don't recommend them for everybody and it doesn't work for everybody but some people it does and I think the thing that I find is that people are individuals and the adoption experience is a very individual one in you've got Safer Colon  to find people that you can professionals are you can work with that you can trust you feel comfortable with um and I'm and in again I can't stress killing educated every state in the United States has different option laws in a constantly changing that's why you need an attorney right that’s why you need to have the yeah I'm going to disorganization take care that for the kids do you educate them we help um we work in conjunction with some with their you know their attorney or other agency lynching we stay with us that's what we need task questions yet when we you guys are staying with his chains don't you stay with us when we return we're going to have Tommy Davidson join us we're going to have his at his take on being adopted the comedian Tommy Davidson says love is colorblind find out why..

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