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Know yeah and I’m you know it was a wonderful experience me because he's always been that debt that boy were always wanted to know but ig2g lookalike him now I'm not going to after the accident with a curiosity yeah actually there was a couple a mike hasn't looked like exactly like me but the resting but was kind of variation you know me how did you find your birth mom I didn't my mother work for Housing and Urban development's always calls around the country work with people so he happened to call a small town restaurants from a small-town of Greenville Mississippi K Chicago rebuild she just mention my mom’s name you happen or and the woman on the Safer Colon  vance-owen I don’t know why but I'd know someone who knows everyone is now so she call and it was her as a Chicagoan Sat was on a movie which a pink it and I'm are we rehearsing and my mom got home she said i met your II talking room on the phone you want total to I want to know added that the house today yeah I do and then I went to jaded and I totally have she said okay rehearsals over you should go home you know so I went was it was hit his all for you was it was it good for you to do that yes i’m not everybody wants to me it was really good for me because it was like you know that like I said that we did our always been there and what it did was it in help me be myself action lies to as a person because now that's gone and once we met you know it was just like business as usual..

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