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I said well night year old Safer Colon the undercut churningmany liberal governments I said you guys so that more opportunities and not andknow that given us lip service rate from the truth or dare yeah I saysabout this and this you know strong on and on and on for35-40 our house I here so I ices ratchet soyou make it harder your halsey during an election campaign that's where I am if you know when theycome out during the election campaign gramercy its Justin Trudeau because ofyou like me prime minister on a legalize pot bring a regulated market and fixthis but blah blah it geez now there at all either well I get excited yeah great I'm optimistic at this point now on just putit so that that's what I think so far about what I've heard its promising optimistic but you knowwhat would push comes to shove put your moneyon the table until that the rolls around you're stilljust its regular pot same as politics give me lip service because you're athird-place horse and the odds are stacked against youyou're a long shot really that's the truth about even iftrue and I don't know I saw Globe and Mail I think its weaker maybe CP 24 tweetthat said all-new poll suggests Justin Trudeau's .

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