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about me

Okay, time to add a little more bio here.

So I've been sticking around with APN since the early DC Hub days, to get my very first anime. Feels kinda nostalgic, I must have been just 13 or something! ^_^

I'm not really active here anymore though since I don't watch so much anime anymore (although it's hard for me to believe that I watched *this much*... over a month? You must be kidding! @_@).

I'm more obsessed with games I guess. If you want to play something together just drop me a message. :) I play anything except sports games, I guess.

That's it for now. :)

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Wuppertal, Germany

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February 16, 2007

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September 19, 2012

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sothis avatar sothis


Jun 22, 2010

long time no see D:

Ran avatar Ran


Dec 26, 2007

Happy new year and happy happy tomorow ;)

wolfangel87 avatar wolfangel87


Nov 5, 2007

Just saying hi! 

Remember, Remember the fifth of NovemberGun powder, treason, and plotThere should be no reasonWhy gun powder, treasonShould ever be forgot!

How are you likeing Cowboy Bebop so far?  I really enjoyed watching it! 

Kivan avatar Kivan


Nov 3, 2007

Glad you decided to come back ^__*

Hope you like the site, I'm fairly new at this site but have been watching anime for a long long time.... didn't see that much coz they are a bit hard to find in Croatia but that's what the Net is for right ? ^_* 

Ran avatar Ran


Nov 2, 2007

Hey you! Happy to find you here :)

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