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Hi everyone! If you wan't befriend with me, I will introduce my self first

My name is thifal,I lived in indonesian.. I'm an otaku

First child from 2 siblings

I like to play laptop and writing fan fiction

I'm love comedy!

I love red & yellow

Nice to meet you

My most favorite chara (5 person) :

1. Chiyo sakura

2.Haruka Nanase

3.Ohana matsumae

4.Chitoge kirisaki

5.Izuki Shun

My list favorite anime

Emm.. Can you request me a club in anime planet , Absolutely Idon't have club ...

Thank you!

My favorite genre are comedy,slice of life,friendship

I didn't like too drama genre

So i wan't happy anime only :D

diokay minna-san yoroshiku

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AnimkaxD says...

Hi! Thank you for the following me, I'm following you back! :D

Have a nice day!

May 1, 2016
sothis says...

I didn't realize until now that you have FOUR accounts - they are all now banned. You are permanently banned - calling someone a slut/whore that will be killed / should die (calling the SITE OWNER that, on top of it) because you are going around insulting people and telling them they should die is a pretty serious offense. Any account you created will be banned, you burned that bridge with your disgusting, sexist (coming from a female, which makes no sense) comment in my profile.

Jan 17, 2016
KonaIzumi says...

Hai ~~ 

How are you? :3

Jan 17, 2016
Kirito09 says...

From what I can see you like those a lot, you should prob try to watch new genres or something that you would never watch, its amazing when you discover something new :)    

You can see through my "LISTS" if you want some inspiration. PS: Love Chiyo Sakura so cute xD

Jan 17, 2016
Sora9427 says...

Too Funny??

Jan 17, 2016