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Welp, I like anime. Not much to it! I tend to lean towards anime with a Fantasy setting, because you know, EVERYONE loves High-School drabble. I'm just a hipster like that, I suppose. There are some good high-school orientated animes though, such as Shuffle! It's a mix of Fantasy and High-school, and it has it's fair amount of fan-service.

My favorite, and I mean favorite, anime of all time has to be Angel beats. And it's all because of it's delightful cast and ending. I mean, if I really dove into all the reason why the ending has made the show the best thing I've ever watched, I'm pretty sure I'd hit some kind of text limit. Short version is, that cast of delightful character went through so much together, including Angel. And then the ending comes out of nowhere like a 12-wheeler, and everyone begins to say goodbye and start vanishing. 

And its what Vanishing means that really hits home in the feels. When you vanish, you lose everything. You're reborn. You lose the memories of your past life, and of the after-life. You're slate is being wiped. 

Would you have the strength to say "Goodbye" and leave everything that defined you?

Mah feels. 

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