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I never thought that an anime about an arrogant loli and her naïve friend would really get me interested but I guess it did. Gosick is one of those mystery animes that makes you feel like you belong with the characters there. At least I thought so. J


I have to say, the story was quite great with a great burden. Certainly, the start was not as interesting. The first half of Gosick was all about Victorique and Kujo searching for mysteries (even though I really liked the first mystery about the ship). However, the other half was more about  Victorique  though still had mysteries in it and even kept some funny and soft moments. It’s like drinking a 3 in 1 coffee with a great enjoyment.  That’s why it gets a high rating.

Animation is what I liked the best. All the colors were pale but it suited the anime very much and the scenery was so well.

I really liked the sound but I think it needed more of it. I barely remember the OST, so I have to say they needed few more melodies to make this anime perfect.

Characters were fancy and elegant but not all of them. Like in most animes, the creators paid more attention on main characters. My personal favorite characters were Victorique, Kujo and Cecile. Victorique is arrogant, Kujo is loyal and naïve and Cecile…Well I guess I like her for being Cecile. There were quite few charcters I  disliked. But the one I truly despise was Avril Bradley. She was quite useless I must say and not very important. Plus, she really annoyed me with her “Kujo-kun”.

I truly think Gosick is one of the best animes I’ve ever seen but not the best. ;)



10/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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