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Ristorante Paradiso

Apr 24, 2011

I’m usually not a big fan of slice of live anime. Maybe because it always has romance in it? Probably that. But, despite hating lots of romance in anime I actually manage to watch it. Not every time though.

Ristorante Paradiso was a good break from all the ‘full of action’ animes’ for me. I managed to watch it in 2 days and I never got bored watching it even if it had none of the size of an elephant intrigues. It’s full of elegancy and Italian culture. It actually influenced me to learn Italian.


So, the whole story starts in Rome, Italy. A 21-year old Nicoletta is visiting her mother, who she hadn’t seen in many years. She urges to tell the truth about  her mother to the owner of a small but popular restaurant. The truth is that, Olga, Nicoletta’s mother married the owner by keeping a secret about Nicoletta’s existence, because he seemed to not like divorced women with a child on their hands. Just before telling the truth, Nicoletta meets the staff of the mysterious restaurant. She develops a crush on a waiter named Claudio, which forces her to start working in the same restaurant. Much to her luck, Olga agreed on Nicoletta’s request with a condition, that she will stay silent about their blood relation.
That really reminded me of some soap opera. But then again, when I managed to finish the whole anime, I came to understand that it’s not just a filthy romance drama. I really liked how the creators showed every main characters back story. Plus the ending was great and sweet.~  I think it deserves a  quite high rate.~ J

I was quite disappointed with the animation. It wasn’t poor, but not that good for an anime made in 2009. But I gotta say that the whole surroundings and characters were softly colored, which made a very warm atmosphere. I have nothing else to say that’s why I’m giving the animation a 7.5.

The sound wasn’t very important to me at first. But…After listening closely to the background music in the episodes I got quite interested in it. The opening is nice. It is calm and cheerful. I could say the same about the ending too. I recently listened to the OST. I gotta say the creators were quite accurate with the music. It was perfect. I could feel the harmony in my blood. The harmony full of the elegant music of Italy. It was truly worth listening.


Characters are important but not all of them. I really liked the main characters, but I wasn’t really satisfied with the minor characters. Well, some of them. The only character I truly despised was Gabrielle, Claudio’s ex-wife. Although she did impressed me at the end and seemed like a nice woman, but even that didn’t change my opinion. Well, maybe the characters are important in the anime, but not in this condition. That’s why it gets an 8.


9/10 story
7.5/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.6/10 overall
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