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Lovely Complex

Mar 31, 2011

Lovely Complex is a romantic comedy about a growing love relationship between a not so average girl Koizumi Risa and a not so average boy Atsushi Ootani. It's a perfect romance anime for teenage girls but is it perfect in all ways? Let's see.


Story: Hm...Well the story is pretty common in both real life and romance anime. The unique thing here is that the heigh of the main characters. Risa is way to tall than other school girls, while Atsushi is way to small than the other school boys. I really like the start of the anime, when Koizumi and Ootani are having a some-what friendly realationship but...The part where Koizumi falls for Ootani and him being absolutely naive and silly at the momment makes me a little bit disappointed of the show. Come on! I know romance anime need some-what conflicts but Risa is so useless there it made me get mad at Ootani. I really wanted to skip parts of Koizumi being depressed because it almost looked like I watched ten episodes instead of two...But I must say it wouldn't be that interesting if it wasn't for those episodes. Another cliche thing were episodes about Nobuko and Nakao. They were just...off topic and didn't show almost anything about Koizumi and Ootani the same goes with Tanaka and Suzuki...Surely they're important characters but that was....strange? I suppose.~

Another thing that caught my eye. The whole plot is way to fast. I mean...every 6 episodes there's a new school year? What the-....Isn't that too fast? But I really liked those parts where Ootani and Koizumi have their romantic momments(like the kiss on Risa's birthday).They were so warm and loving.~  Overall I give a 7,5 to the story section. :)


Animation: Can't say anything bad about it. The animation is pretty good for a romance anime but at some places the characters are just too pale and I hardly see any vivid colors. Of course in some parts of the anime (especially when Risa is depressed, her face looks rather pale and hideous, when she's playing that ghost in some episodes) animation wasn't the best. But I gotta say the animation is not poor, therefore I give it a 9.


Sound: Well,I have nothing to say here. The soundtrack is romantic and sweet, the opening is silly and funny and the ending is warm, what's not to like about it? I think soundtrack is the strongest part in this anime because it's fun to listen when it's a happy track and you feel rather sorry for the character/s when the track is sad. I give it a 10.

Characters: The anime has a little amoint of characters there so there's basically nothing to say. I must say I like Koizumi's and Ootani's characters, they're energetic and funny.  Talking about their friends, well I gotta say I didn't mind them too, except for the episode when they were more important than our favorite comedy duet. To be clear...I really hated Ootani's ex-girlfriend. Her personality is rather irritating, when she's all 'innocent girl wannabe'. I must say I liked Haruka,Seishiro and Maity, they were really hilarious and my favorite minor characters. I didn't care about Mimi though, she wasn't very interesting. Overall I give the characters a 9.

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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eleniyo1992 Jan 5, 2012

I liked you're review but I have to disagree with you about the animation. The second strongest point about this show it was the animation. Koizumi's expressions are absolutely hilarious and the colours really cheerful and "summer-like". I really liked how they used the same colour in Koizumi's hair on Otani's eyes and Otani's hair colour in Koizumi's eyes. Also they are those moments when you're ready to fall in tears and then one of Koizumi's hilarious facial expressions appears on your screen and you seriously don't know if you want to cry or laugh or do both together. I totally love this when is happening!

And the strongest point of the show it was the excellent character development. I agree with you about how the plot is really fast, but they managed to create in only 26 episodes 2 excellent characters and include all of the story of their friendship in 3 years. The side characters were really important as well. Just think about that without them the protagonists would never could find the courage to admit their love for each other. So I would be really dissapointed if the story ended without let me know what happened to them. And one more thing: Otani is the best male character I've ever seen in shoujo manga/anime. Seriously I thought it was a man the one who created Otani and wrote his dialogs. He's just too real. That's a HUGE plus for this show.