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Emmmm Hello my name is Yuma! 
I love to watch anime a lot it's my hobby (YOHOHOHOHO!). I do have other hobbies too but i wont tell them here. I've just signed up here since most of the members of AFYD (Anime for your dreams FB Group) have an anime list 8D. (If u read this i <3 u all pals and Luigi). 
Now i'm interested in reading manga so if u want to reccomend me somethin you can PM me and in exchange i'll give u cookies! :D

I love to listen to OSTs during homework time, free time, on the road and while doing my daily exercises i jsut find them so relaxing and fantastically well done that i just can't stop listening to them (most of them are from One Piece). 

I am also a very shy person in real life, so if i were to meet u i dont think that i'd say too much but i am always listening to all of the people (may them be douchbags).

I also like cosplay! (mostly to watch but i think that i might make one too since it's not enough to just watch at it).

Well kinda this is all arigatou gozaimasu for your patience and support. Now excuse me, i'm gonna leave and finish that F**in summer books -is playing an epic ost- 

Something to cheer u up:
"The worst thing about life is that it doesn't play background music."  

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dgmikep says...

Craciun fericit si mai baga animeuri in lista :D

Dec 24, 2012
craniu says...

servus Dan  IT   te saluta  :P

Aug 3, 2012
Bogg says...

Bun venit pe A-P!

Aug 3, 2012
dgmikep says...

E mai eficient daca dai direct mesaj pe profilele noastre nu tot pe al tau :) Poate nu il vad.. :P

Aug 3, 2012
YumaKun says...


Aug 3, 2012