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Richis says...

Nice signature ^.6

Jul 24, 2010
MisaOtome says...

Hi!^^ I'm fine. right now I'm on vacation in the moutains. It's been fun and this place has high-speed internet so I can watch alot of anime!

Jul 23, 2010
KiraRin says...

I just wanted to say hi, cause you have the most adorable avatar on the forum. Plus, nice to see someone using one of my favourite ever sigs, even if I always get a little bit tearful every time I think of Wolf's Rain.....


Jul 19, 2010
Crazyvox says...

Thanks! Although im thanking you a tad too late :D 

Jul 17, 2010
Spock21 says...

I did it again. I uh.. didn't hit "refresh" this time. I actually hit "go forward"........... I was at the end of my post too.. I was just gonna go do a quick reference to your last post, to make sure I didn't miss anything, and.. sigh. Not like I had anything else to do anyway. The universe does minor yet extremely annoying things to me constantly. I mean, I'm grateful and all that I don't have cancer or something, but come on. Just break my leg or something and give me a year off from your constant torment(however minor it may be). Sorry. I was pleading to the universe... but I doubt it was listening... that bastard...

*takes a deep breath*

Don't worry about the 'late reply'. I just assumed you were off doing something productive. If I'm not doing something productive, I'm probably watching anime.

Punk rock, Indie rock, Alternative rock? O.O Who influenced you into such greatness? Cool parents or older sibling? OR did you discover such things on your own? I was sorta in-between. I got into Nirvana in grade school in an attempt to impress my older brother. I expanded from there. The past few years though, I've dived into Electronic music. Experimental, 8-bit, Trance, Dance-Punk.. doesn't matter, just something interesting or that I can move to.I've met a few people who are into the 'retro' stuff. Mostly, it's just certain songs they like, never the actual group. With the popularity of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it seems like I'm seeing more and more of the "Oh, I love The Clash! Should I Stay or Should I Go is awesome!" "Yeah, I actually think London Calling is probably the best album ever recorded." "London wah?" -.- I've never found a die-hard Smiths fan either(other than my older brother)... Morrissey is the Oscar Wilde of music.. genius, but with a sense of humor. Oh, and a Belgian Girl that likes The Doors? Neat. I'm not too into them myself, but it's really interesting/cool that you are. Do tell me more of your taste in music. How do you feel about Bob Dylan? I often remarked to people, when they were raving about Elvis(it was a common thing where I grew up) "If Elvis is King, then Dylan must surely be God." lol. They didn't like it too much. Elvis is great and all, Heartbreak Hotel is an incredible song, but no-one compares to Bob Dylan.. lyrically. Not to me anyway.

But yeah, my friends have a horrible taste in music. I should have hung out with their dads.

You like the Swan Dress too? ^.^ I think it's quite unique. I'm pro-Swan Dress.

I'm glad you get where I'm coming from with the mainstream attention thing. It boils down to a simple formula to me: I dislike 9 out of 10 people I meet. So, therefor, 90% of the population are morons that do not deserve to be exposed to brilliant film, music, television, literature, etc. Not to say I'm some pinnacle of man, because I'm actually among the worst of them all(auto-phobia).

I'm not too shy myself. I often am around new people, because I'm nervous I'll offend them. I hate upsetting people... I dunno why.. I won't like them anyway, so why should I care? Yet, I do. Unless they're* bigots or something, then I'll irritate them intentionally. You can't keep your thoughts and feelings under lock and key forever though. But, you can't be an opinionated chatter-box either. It's hard to find a balance.. if only they'd write a manual. But hey, if you know a lot about and/or have opinions on the topic in front of you, you should most certainly contribute to conversation. The exchange of ideas is what sets us above the animals. Great things can come from it. Or horrible things... guess it really depends on who is talking. :p

I'm going to be blunt and quick, or I'll get excited...Reading 'The Count' is the best thing I've ever done. I have never seen a better film, heard a better album, been to a better place, etc. It was unlike anything I have experienced. Unless we bring love into the picture, but even then, its close... I don't mean to build it up or anything, because you may not like it. Some people don't(Who? Where? Take me to them!). Do you read often? Favorite Book? Author?

By the way... I noticed your location change. Now, I'm the type of guy constantly on the look out for references to things. So, I may be shooting in the dark, so to speak, but uh.. are you referencing the Keane song? I bet you are! XD

And yes, do drop me a 'line' as people say.

[email protected]

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Totally NOT my real name. >.>

I do apologize for the uninteresting, non-relevant, incoherent, nonsensical drivel you have probably read up to this point. Also, there are probably several grammatical errors. Sorry. :(

P.S.In your face universe!!!! I didn't erase the post a 3rd time! *highfive Yulia!*

P.P.S. I just thought of the French taunting scene from 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'.. Have you seen it? If so, did you like it?

Post-Post-Post-Script: I DID make an embarrassing grammar error, and deleted my original post, so if you got two email alerts, that's why.

Jul 17, 2010