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*Regains composure*

Well. My name is Christina and I'm here for only one reason.


And I need to track all the ones I've watched.

I also happen to love anything Japanese, surprise, surpise.

I like import games.

And sushi.

And manga.

And the guys. *Drools*

My birthday is on December 10th, so remember to send lots of hugs and wishes.

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Rfsancho Jun 25, 2008

Dood, 2d girls for life!!

Yukikaze Jun 25, 2008

Ranma 1/2's a classic, I used to be in love with the whole series when I was younger. I like the manga especially because Rumiko Takahashi drew breasts very well. But I grew out of that. 'Cause now I get the real thing, know what I'm saying?! Anyways, Xenosaga is good too.

*Claims second comment space, haha!*

Rfsancho Jun 25, 2008

Currently watching Xenosaga The Animation, to see if its anything close to the game, and its pretty much dead on except some stuff. Also watching Ranma 1/2, one of the most amazing shows ever.

*claims first profile comment*