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Hey everyone, it's been about 3 years and i finally got around to doing a bio for myself.

I'm Yue Kagine/Gale (current gamer names), a University student who's had a real passion for watching anime since my teens. I'm not usually the man of many words therefore as to the reason why it took me so long to complete an actual bio.

When it comes to anime i look for four things (but not necessarily in this order):

Watched speaks for itself. Watching is keeping up with current running animes and the odd finished one here and there. Want to watch are for animes and OVAs and specials i have yet to check out but want to. Stalled are for anime i have trouble finding episodes, or just some i feel like i will carry on later. Dropped are animes that have lost my interest due to storyline change or other factors. Finally, won't watch list mainly contains the sequels or OVAs of said animes on the dropped list.

My star ratings for things i've watched, watching, stalled or dropped depend on how well i felt the anime went against those above factors mainly, but some are exceptions for other reasons.

Take Yu Gi Oh 5D's for example, the development of a story around the 5 Dragons and racing duels seemed great, that was until the arc ended and the new arc began, bringing an oversized sense of regret for even trying to continue that arc, due to the feel that things seemed to have gotten out of hand. This is only my opinion but take things how you see with your own eyes  XP

This is also the reason why i do not write reviews, i probably couldn't be as neutral as most of the other reviewers so i will give you my opinion on it if you dare so ask me to.

With genre types, i take them as i can get them, its best to rather experiment and enjoy all types than close oneself off from potential diamond opportunities. My favourite types though are comedy, action and mecha type (grew up watching gundam and medabots and such). So Full Metal Panic kinda fits perfectly against my Top 3.

Anyways, if you wanna get to know me better or just ask some things, feel free to bother me here  X3

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Pamel says...

Hey Yue long time indeed. Currently im enjoying my holidays and trying to find a job for the rest of the summer.

Added Tiger and Bunny to WtW. Still have to finish some shows from the previous season though.

Have you ever thought about writing reviews btw, with the amount you've watched you should be pretty knowlegable by now XD

Jul 1, 2011
pieeater101 says...

hey yuegale

i am from your guild in mabinogi

Jul 27, 2010