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Yureka Mar 1, 2010

I haven't seen them yet, I'll give them a shot, thanks.


Yureka Feb 28, 2010

Well, It's been a while since I've seen claymore (I read the manga more recently -- and for a long time it's a wonderful manga).  That does sound about accurate, and I'm in the middle of Kara, seen the first two and waiting on the rest until my school life gets a bit easier.

I'm also going to start crest of the stars etc... as son as that happens.

YuchanT Feb 27, 2010

I just watched claymore. I really liked the first half. It was one of those.. "oh sweet, i'm only at the half way point and so much has happened! this is great!" 

but the second half kinda dragged on, and things stopped making sense for me. A lot of things just didn't click in my head. Lots of strong people just standing aside and watching fights that could end instantly. People's strengths all over the place. The plot always vague. An enemy that comes and goes conveniently to make way for fight scenes.

The main thing I appreciate is that people die for once (well, some people).

Last fight? sudden theresamobile out of the blue! uber-strong enemy suddenly defeated! But wait, we don't want to finish her off out of mercy, no wait, even uber stronger guy who has been watching this whole time for fun comes in, says he's had enough fun, and leaves everyone for a happy ending! 

It kinda reminded me of berserk PG with the gore.

What did you think about this? 

I'm starting Kara no Kyoukai now. This seemed better to start at night. Somehow, I take things more seriously at night. Here we go!

Yureka Feb 24, 2010

If you manage to watch Galactic Heroes in one sitting, I'll be very surprised.  

Higurashi is a long single sitting watch, both seasons together is 50 episodes (and the second season is a must - don't stop after the first season).  

Kara no  is less of a mystery than you think, and has some of the better action scenes in newer Anime (it's also manageable for a single sitting).

Enjoy, And friend me if you like, I'll friend you.

Yureka Feb 24, 2010

Well then, It really depends on what you like to watch. (I can also recommend manga-- I've read probably 12-1300, but haven't bothered to make the list here all that intensive) My "A List" includes many of the classic hit anime- Cowboy Bebop -- The classic top quality anime (I have yet to find someone who disliked this series, which is amazing in and of itself) Samurai Champloo -- Lacks a bit in the story department, but has interesting characters with great voice actors, and smooth, fluid action sequences. Black Cat (90% of it is fabulous) -- I found myself loving this until the end, which I disliked for a reason I won't spoil. It's still well worthy of your time. Toradora -- I'm usually not a big fan of romantic comedies, but I watched through this in a day. It's the only RC on this list, and there is good reason for that. Simply a lovely anime. Elfen Lied -- Pretty bloody (at the beginning and end of the series), so only for you if you can handle that. Hellsing Higurashi No Koro Ni -- Watch both seasons. Do not get put off by the first few episodes and drop it ( like I did initially). It's a bit morbid, but by the end, you'll really appreciate it. Claymore Code Geass (both of them, I didn't dislike the second series nearly as much as many of the people at this site seem to) Death Note -- Watch it if you haven't. Eden of the East Full Metal Panic (only the original series) Glass Mask (2005) -- This is a long slow paced anime, but I really appreciate this sort of thing, not really sure why. But I did love the characters a lot. Great Teacher Onizuka - Classic Comedy anime, really funny Kara No Kyoukai - Visual and audio feast. My personal recommendation for you (judging from your watch-list) is Legend of Galactic Heroes. This is a truly epic scale space-opera, but with large numbers of diverse characters. There are probably at least a hundred named characters that move into and out of the series, although the arc follows a smaller subset, and really manages to flesh them out well. The story is complex, and beautifully told, and the political structure of the world is rich and complex.