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At it again..! ^^;

12 AUG


Long time no see, and me being way to much inactive.

I'd better do something about it ^^;

So, for some half an our ago, a chat with a friend ended at the discussion about cosplay, and 07-ghost. She said she wanted to cosplay Castor in casual clothes, while a friend of hers would cosplay Frau. And myself, want to cosplay Labrador sooner or later.

So we decided that when our cosplays are done we are gonna make an 07-Ghost photoshoot. But i had to admit to her, that i havent been that active with anime-watching lately, so she got me to begin watching 07-Ghost again, so i could hook up with it, and follow the episodes as they are. ^^;

So now i'm waiting for the anime to be done loading, so i can watch it, and come in anime-mode again, without frightening my cosplay-mode away ;P

Well. Thats all for now.

Or.. No, wait.. I got a new DA-account, where my cosplays, and cosplay related things will be on. You get the link for the account here: http://yokume.deviantart.com/   ;)

// Yokume

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Kari5 avatar Kari5
Aug 13, 2009

Oooo cosplay! Don't forget to post pictures in a blog for us to see!

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