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Let's start with one major warning: you don't like nonsense anime with a touch of romance? Please don't watch this. It won't do you any good.

Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san has now eleven episodes, the twelth is on the way. Now, this isn't an anime you are waiting for in anticipation. But it isn anime whose new episode you will click every week when you see it.

When it's finished, I figure Muromi-san will be the perfect let's-get-my-head-away-from-studying-for-about-ten-minutes-anime. Each episode is only about ten minutes long, after all, and surely takes your mind of things, discussing absolutely nothing. Some may say it's a waste of time, others may say it's a happiness-boost on a rainy day. It just depends on your view, I suppose.


Don't expect serious content, you'll be disappointed. Muromi-san is basically the story of a boy, Takerou, who one day meets a mermaid when he's fishing. This mermaid decides to be his friend and from that moment on comes back every day to see him. Although the bright and relaxed Muromi annoys the hell out of Takerou, he's not happy when he's faced with the prospect of never seeing her again somewhere halfway the series.

This Muromi starts using him as a meeting point for her friends, who are all mystical creatures with their own stories. Everyone seems to know and like Muromi, she's got tons of those friends. They use lots of puns and Japanese legends, which is on one hand hard to follow and on the other hand very interesting for the none-Japanese people among us.


The animation is quite good, with lots of bright colours and fluffy faces, a little chibi at times. The main form is definitely round. The animators seem to love playing with different perspectives and reflect the character’s personality.


Lots of sound effects to make things get out of proportion. The voices are all quite good, nothing really disturbingly annoying.  A little more high-pitched for the girls, but that’s always the case.


They’re cute. The average high school boy Takerou, desperately trying to hold onto his own normal-ness while dealing with the overly excited, shameless Muromi. In episode one already has she decided she has a crush on him and she doesn’t let him off the hook easy. But he handles her pretty well (with a fishing hook) and their relationship seems to be peaceful.

Muromi’s friends are all a bit strange, naturally. The mermaids as well as the other creatures all have their personal little traits that lift your eyebrows. The most messed up, of course, is Muromi herself. She’s been from alien-friends to major heartbreak to making friends all over the world to hating on dolphins for thousands of years and she’s not getting any better. Which assures everyone that whatever it may be, something strange will happen every single day.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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