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I used to be kinda addicted to anime but then I started to attend university. Because my time is very precious now, I choose wisely what I'm gonna watch, but when it comes to me, I'm able to sit at the screen for hours and days, no matter what part of year it is (this happens mostly in time of my exams, of course).

For a long time I was thinking that I can watch everything, no matter what genre it is. Well, I was wrong and I've soon figured out that I'm not interested in mecha and ecchi shows, I hate too dumb and too positive main characters (mix of this two characteristic is like a lethal cocktail for me) and if the show doesn't contain at least one damn cool guy which I could admire and love, it's not worthy to waste my time on it. (It's still more complicated to find show which would satisfy last requirement, because though I'm getting older, characters are still about 15 years old. It feels weird...)

For an unknown reason, I tend to watch long series with lots of fillers, mainly with tag "shounen" or "action". In last few years, the romantic part of my being started to be more forceful so time to time, I watch shoujo and romantic things. I have only one requirement for this kind of show - the main character musn't be a dumb bitch, because whenever I see a character like this, I wanna kill it with fire. 

One last thing - I don't read manga. Never. I know that manga is often much, much better, but I just don't read it.

I hope I didn't make too much grammatical and spelling errors in my bio =).

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Lacrumae says...

Wrau, zotto =)

Aug 10, 2009
Lacrumae says...

My zotto. We are going to rule the world. Together. Subete no sekai!! *bwahahahaha*

Nov 2, 2008