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After five years of inactivity, I have returned to triumphantly use this website as a record of things I have watched and not much else.

My anime preferences are influenced by an education in film, drama, art and literature from does-it-matter-what-elitist-institution and a perhaps unfair expectation that the medium be judged just like any other, more established, visual form would be. Despite this snobbery, I fear that there remains within me a deep-seated nostalgia for the numerous harem anime from my adolescence – the horror! The horror!

I'm hoping to become a famous actor someday. Until then, you can see my art and writing at The Gentleman's Guide to Pantomime (tggp.tumblr.com). Feel free to talk to me about anything.

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VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen

Thanks! ^_^

Nov 14, 2013

Hey there YeNguyen,

Those are some very kind words about my reviews. I'm glad you enjoy reading them! Hopefully you keep liking the rest of the site now that you're back. :)

Best wishes.

immutablebox780 avatar immutablebox780


Nov 11, 2013

hello have you ever watched clannad?

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