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Willing servant to the moe-industrial merchandising complex. —trans / gay / she/her— Hyperfemme aspirant. Perpetual opinion machine and completely unmarketable. Personal art and writing blogs: +

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Boli says...

Hey! Thanks for your answer, that's great to see you're such a beer lover! I'm living in Belgium so I have no problems geting my hands on BON VOEUX or any of Dupont's delicious beers :D I must say I'm also a huge fan of this brewery, they really have an ''authentic'' feeling and a strong identity! That's fun to speak about it, I've just booked a visit to their place :)

For the moment I'm also drinking a lot of BRASSERIE DE LA SENNE beers. They're all delicious and have a very specific hoppiness/bitterness. I would specialy recommend the ZINNEBIR or JAMBE DE BOIS. They rock :D

the brewery DE DOCHTER VAND DE KORENAAR is also very interessting. I would really talk about ''author'' beers with some very surprising tastes and experimentaions. NOBLESSE VSOP (a 5,5% beer aged 8months Genever in barrels!), L'ENSEMBLE, BELLE FLEUR... All incredible! 

Thank for the other two names that you recommended, I'll try to find them in my beer shops! 

Concerning Bourbons, I also have a Michter's in my closet and that's really something :D Maybe only Blanton's (ideally, Gold Edition) has been able to beat the Michter's.. That's great you had the opportunity to go to Kentucky, I'm so jealouuuuus.


May 4, 2015
Boli says...

Hey! Thanks for your comment :) Great to know you're a fellow Beer & Bourbon amateur! If you have anything to recommend, I would be pleased ;) Cheers!

Apr 26, 2015
VivisQueen says...

Hey there YeNguyen,

Those are some very kind words about my reviews. I'm glad you enjoy reading them! Hopefully you keep liking the rest of the site now that you're back. :)

Best wishes.

Nov 14, 2013
SpiceSoul says...

hello have you ever watched clannad?

Nov 11, 2013