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Jul 25, 2011

I come to this site occasionally to find great anime to watch. I remember being on Watch Anime On and found Amagami SS and once that was over, I find myself addicted to Romance Anime. Sooner or later I find that I have watched about 3-5 other romance anime and the last one I watched before stumbling upon this, was School Days.


My first impression when I saw the first episode of this Anime was a calm relaxed nature that I could most definitely relate, the main character coming back home after a long time to see his childhood friends. I got that family impression and the major impact on me was, that I can relate, leaving 'home' and 5 years later returning to see that the small group of friends you once played with is still together.


Truly an amazing anime,with the suprising turn of events. Each episode slowly opens a door to where you know what comes next, or leaving you with more suspicions. That is was made me truly love it along with the creative opening, along with the catchy music.


I've recently adjusted a written list of my top Anime, and this has come up as a tie between Amagami SS,Toradora,and Ookami San! If you're looking for the family & friend type of thing than I highly recommend this to those who are just now becoming interested in the Romance Anime!

Currently I am awaiting the next PC game therefore if they can keep a balance of events, like they did in here, then they can most definitley create the next Anime Season! Which I am most definitely going to buy.


Reasons why I like it

I can personally relate to this story..

When I was younger I'm 16 now about 5 years ago when I was 11. My family had moved away looking for a better life. It caused me to switch to 3 different schools because I was being bullied by other students. Punched and Kicked on the playground...nobody stopped them, not even the yard duties..

I got angry and decided to take up boxing as a method to defend myself,but ended up getting expelled from each school. Beginning to hate my life, I quietly walk into the kitchen and grab an knife out of the dishwasher and walk over to the bathroom.... Of course they enrolled me in another school, but I had attempted to commit suicide

Then, my family decided that it's best I move back..Once I arrived, I walked around the old Elementary School I went to as well as the town and park, and saw an old friend..Me and him used to get into arguements and fights all the time,and I was afraid to talk to him because I was always so rude to him in the end... He called everyone over and welcomed me back..

Advance about 5 months after being confessed to by 4 girls i don't even know, in which I politely turned them down,aI save the girl I've loved since the 2nd Grade from making the biggest mistake of my life.

We've decided that once me graduate, we're getting married. The 2nd year of Highschool is about to begin, my group of 8 has decided that we will never leave each others sides..and that we will always be in contact with one another.

"Never Forget,No matter what happens and where you go, WE WILL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS" are the words similar from the anime that have really reached out to me...because those are the words that we have chosen to be our Motto since 2nd Grade.


If you do decide to watch this Anime:

Take your time with this anime..don't rush off into the next episode...Watch at least one a day and look at those surrounding you..if you can find a way to relate...then the anime has much more meaning to you than meets the eye.





10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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