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I've been a closeted Anime fan for about a year now. Well, I should use the term 'closeted' loosely. Okay, I've lately found myself in love with Anime as a whole, and I've even started reading Manga when I can find it.

The first time I really experienced the power of Anime was late one night. I couldn't sleep, so I turned on the T.V. Lo and behold, an episode of Death Note was on the Cartoon Network. It was so dark, so powerful, and so intense that I quickly found myself tuning in whenever I had the chance. Good times!

Um, I'll try and think of more to add when I can think of it. :-D

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West-Central Utah

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Bixie avatar Bixie


Sep 9, 2009

You are so welcome! This is a great site for anime and friends! :-) 

Bixie avatar Bixie


Sep 6, 2009

Death Note.... Good one!!! Anyways, Welcome to AP!!!

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