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[H]ello, and Welcome! Oh crazy ones to Profile al a Yami Unmei!

[E]ven someone as crazy as I am has a personality. To most people, I come off in different ways. On a day to day basis, I'm usually known for being rather innocent, with a side that is not so of either! I love to help people out,and I'm always there for my friends. Yet, I can be selfish at times and end up slightly hating myself for it. I try my best to make up for it when I can though. I'm also rather sarcastic and spunky, and people say I remind them of a chipmunk when I have sugar.

[A]lexis is my first name. I know, it's kinda girly, but I've actually grown to rather like it! Normally, I go by nicknames. Here are some and their origins (if there are origins): Alex, Lexie (versions of my real name) Tanycka/Tany, Aularia/Aul, Sasorya/Saso/Sorya/Saso-neko (Names and variations of names from characters in World of Warcraft) Syra/Sy (Originally a character I created in a story. Became my nickname by my BFF) Crazy, Loco Coco, Oblivious 2, Blondie (Either involving my stupidity/blondeness, or my zany side! xD )

[V]arious people have met me, which is a fancy shmancy way of saying I know way too many people. Thus, knowing so many people, I usually forget names a lot. (Oops?) Those I'm close to I always hold near and dear to my heart, no matter how far away they are or how long it's been since I've seen/talked to them.

[E]very year I always re-watch all my favorites anime. I'm such a otaku.

[N]ot all my talents/hobbies are easily known. I'm halfway decent at a lot of things, but I don't think I'm amazing at any of them. But some of my favorite things to do are dance (in pretty much all styles), sing (although never in public, since I'm not that good...), draw in manga style, go ice-skating, climb trees/climbing walls, play video games, read & write poetry/short stories, and be myself!

[O]n the off-chance, I easily run out of things to do. I usually don't though, because my mind is always exploding with story or poetry ideas, so the chances of that happening these days are extremely slim!

[R]arely am I girl-ish. I love lots of things that in today's society is considered weird. For instance, I love gothic lolita and punk fashion (although it's hard to get ahold of it when your parents don't let you!) I much rather listen to songs in another language especially J-Rock, and songs from animes. I'm considered a strange geek in many cases xD

[H]eaven ablaze in our eyes, we're standing still in time' is my favorite quote from one of my favorite songs, which is Wings of a Butterfly. Music is really one of my anti-drug. Like many people, I'm obsessed wih music, although I don't always like what's popular. I would goo on listing my favorite bands, but it would take me FAR TOO LONG!!

[E]ven I have fears and flaws. This is where I get into the nitty gritty...I have arachnophobia. I get nauseous if I see a needle or a scalpel enter someone's skin. I'm not a big fan of heights, but I'm steadily getting over that genetic fear. As for my other fears...well, I'm not scared ot be physically alone but more so...mentally alone. I get depressed if I feel like no one will be there for me when I need them most. When I get into a fight with my friend, even if it might've been their fault, I blame myself. When they get upset over something I wasn't there for, I blame myself as I think there must've been something I could do to help, or to ease their pain more so. If I had a quote to describe myself in this sense, I'd say: I'm the kind of person who will smile and laugh like everything's okay...but all she really wants to do on the inside is break down and cry.

[L]ots of people used to call me fat. I've gotten skinnier, but those wounds still hurt sometimes. Although, now that I've stopped caring about what other people besides my friends think of me, the wounds are beginning to heal. I think that today's society is too obsessed with women being scarily thin. It's disgusting to me. I mean, sometimes, when a famous person goes from a size 0 to a size 2, everyone will start calling her a porker! WHAT THE HELL?!?! They're probably just pizza-face boys who have nothing better to do, or 40-year-old pedophiles with a beer belly!!

[L]ooks are so deceiving! But here's a clue of what I look like, until I replace it with a picture. I have recently cut my hair into a sort of bob that frames my slightly rounded but high cheek-bone face. in the front there is this big chunky blond streak (which was originally hot pink, but it faded). My hair is a chestnut brown, with the back all tapered with layers and more small streaks strewn about. I used to wear glasses, but I have contacts now. My skin is relatively clear on my face too. I'm about 5'3", with a more curvy body.

[?] Life is just a mere question itself. Nothing can be properly predicted, and nothing is set in stone as easily as it seems. You just take life by the hold and hang on for life, enjoying what's given to you, or trying to see the silver lining through a foggy haze. And most importantly, live life like it was your first day. Find everything to be amazing, and wonderful. Life is so limited, just enjoy it.

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You have a very cool Avatar.