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Menchi Feb 17, 2011

Alright, nice! I posted the schedule in the buddy group page, and I'll make a thread for discussions soon.


Menchi Feb 16, 2011

Hello! About the UraBoku buddy group, so how's 2 eps a day, starting this Saturday (19th) sound to you? Really nice that this group formed in such a short time, I'd finally like to finish UraBoku since I watched like 2 eps of it before and then it just got stuck in my stalled-list :/ But I'll start from the beginning now, I don't remember anything anymore ^^

Looking forward to it,

~ Menchi

sothis Aug 16, 2010

Ah, yeah I've been p lanning on adding the 'comments' type thing for awhile... did you know about the custom lists, though? If you go to your 'lists' tab in your profile, you can add lists for anime or manga with whatever subject you want. maybe that would help with your organizing? Right now there's a max of 5 lists but I'm going to make it unlimited soon.

The lists work based off your current anime list - for example you could make a list titled 'best anime i watched last year' and then the interface let's you select anime from your full list to put in there (you can also drag/drop the order of items)

sothis Aug 16, 2010

Just curious, why all the blog posts, since you have your list set up?

Sunagan May 19, 2010

@ want to watch priorities: Fullmetal Alchemist and Clannad, definately :P!