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Hellou.. ~ 

Uh I really don't know what I should tell about myself so..
Well, you can call me Yaki : 3

🍀  Manga has been my hobby since.. 2006 I think and I currently I have collection of +700 mangas/manhwas/global mangas. (AND ONE LIGHTNOVEL!!) Something around 711 would be precise number. Picture of my collection, when I had about 668 mangas. 
Manga Collection

Mangas I have bought after taking above picture

And little bit more manga


🍀 My most precious manga series is absolutely first edition of Yoshihiro Takahashi's Shiroi Senshi Yamato. (1976 – 1989)
I even got his autograph to first volume's inner cover. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  

🍀 I have watched anime also from 2006, after I started reading manga. =v=
Of course now we don't count that I watched couple of animes during my childhood, such as Maya the Honey Bee, Moomins, Galaxy Express 999, Pokemon, Digimon, Silver Fang... 

🍀 And when it comes to anime, I watch almost everything. I watch even crappy series just to see how it ends. Or for a good laughs. Or because I just can't left series unfinished after I have started it. No matter how many years it might take to finish it. That being said, I don't drop my animes, I simply move them from my watching list to stalled section, then come back some other time. 

🍀 I usually don't rate my animes, since I watch pretty much everything even thought I don't like it. 

My favorite genres are: Horror, Gore, Psychological, Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Action, Mystery..
And least favorites are: Mecha, Romantic, Over-the-Top Ecchi (but I still watch it :--D)


🍀 Some of my favorite animes:
(Can you name them all? Lol it ain't too hard.)


And some of my favorite characters:




🍀 Anime challenges for 2016


 Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- Open to everyone

Mofe info: Larkawolfgirl

40 series you must watch within the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 14/40. 


VampGirl's Anime Challenge 2016

More info: VampGirl

36 series & all their seasons you must watch withing the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 6/36.


🍀 I gratuaded on 20th of May from University of Applied Sciences. I had my degree programme in Business Information Technology, so my title is Bachelor of Business Administration. 


🍀 I play video games, current (and maybe all time) favorite is definitely The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt  (Current save has +144 hours of play time aaaand still haven't played the main story through ":D")

🍀 I'm even squealing over its soundtrack, so freaking epic; not joking. Other games I like includes Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Skyrim, OSU! (looool I'm soooo bad at it after three years), Sims 2, Assassin's Creed, Resogun, Silent Hill, Far Cry.. And so on. 

🍀 My other hobbies are something like photographing & drawing just for fun, reading, roleplaying and collecting My Little Pony - toys. Yeah, I collect them, but I'm not so hardcore fan. If ya don't like ponies, that's totally cool. And still little bit shy about that hobby.



🍀 Something more about me, since I'm too bad to write with full sentences:

🍀 Born in 1992 & I'm Aquarius 

🍀 As stated under my username, I'm from Finland 

🍀 Therefore English ain't my native language 

🍀 Speaking fluently Finnish, (hopefully) understandable English, "intermediate" French and Swedish, and some basics of Japanese, Russian & Italian

🍀 Shy, bystander, quiet person 

🍀 Music preferences can be found from my Last.fm profile; Yakhio

🍀 deviantART accounts: Yakhio & Nanohara
Yakhio is for drawings and hobbies, Nanohara is purely for photos. 

🍀 Steam account: Yakhio

🍀 osu account: Yakhio

🍀 Xbox Live Gamertag: Yakhio

I bet you can see little pattern in my user names, lol.



🍀 Mangas that I have that aren't yet listed here:

Yoshihiro Takahashi:
- Shiroi Senshi Yamato (1-26)
- Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Shin Gaiden ( 1-2)
- Ginga Densetsu Riki
- Ginga Densetsu Weed Gaiden

Yoshihiro Takahashi & Akira Ito:
- Fang (1-2)
- Ginga no Inutachi [Shōnen to Inu] Remix
(oneshot, orginal name is Shōnen to Inu, I have that re-issued 2001 version) 

Hana Umeno
- Gakuen Densetsu - Hasami Onna  

Naruki Nagakawa & Pairan
- Shiroi Majo Utsukushii Sniper 1

Yuu Watase
- The Best Selection 1


Some milestones:

🍀 1st manga: Inuyasha vol 3
🍀 100th manga: Loveless 3 (IF I remember correct xD)
🍀 700th manga: Weed volume 52


🍀 900th anime: Junjou Romantica OVA 2



 🍀 Feel free to follow or drop comment or something. I may be shy, but I always answer. 
I'm more "Follow & run away" type, it's easier for me just.. to follow users and then run away.
It's easier to reply than write the first comment in some cases. 




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Mizorekawaii says...

lisään samantien ^^

Dec 3, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

En oo varma ku en löytäny sua mun mesestä... et laitoinko oikeen sen.. kyl mun nimen pitäs olla siinä ja nii mut sano jos oon siel ku en nyt huomannu ainakaa et olit siel listalla :3

Dec 3, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

tekisit (: ku ite en jaksa mesessä oleskella, sielä oo ketään ikinä... toki voit lisätä mut jos jaksat :D

Oct 12, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

Kiitos! ^___^ Ei sulla sattuisi olemaan steamissa käyttäjää nii tää juttelu luistais nopeemmin? :3

Oct 10, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

Oon hiema kateellinen sulle siitä H.O.T.D:in boxista >:D Itekki oon kyl menossa Lontooseen tossa keväällä, kun on lanssiviikko, varmasti pitää ostaa ainakin se H.O.T.D:in boxi ja ehkäpä kiss x sis:inkin boxi tarttua mukaan <: . Mistä päin kävit ostamassa, itekki haluaan :3 !!!

Oct 9, 2012