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I am:

~ Yaki

~ N0life
° anime, manga, videogames ♥

~ Student of university of applied sciences
° studying data processing, so I'm gonna be bachelor of business administration :I

I watch just random shit & too lazy to rate 'em.

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Dario97 says...

No problem nee-chan :D Nice to meet you :P Nice avatar ^__^

Mar 22, 2012
RyanGirl23 says...

haha yeah I bascially felt the same way and I'm actually thinkin of watching the anime for the first time ever lol ~ I was really suprised when I saw SM books on bookshelfs at my local bookstore, I just took a chance and started reading it and as it turns out I love it ~

Mar 22, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

Olen aikaani jäljessä ^^

Mar 1, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

Onnea nyt munki puolesta 20v! :3

Feb 20, 2012
Mizorekawaii says...

Mutta parempaa kun nukkuminen. ^^

Jan 31, 2012