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Gaah, I really need to edit my bio, but too lazy, ahahha...


Hello.. ~ 

You can call me Yaki : 3

🍀 1992 & Aquarius
🍀 Finland 
🍀 English ain't native language
🍀 Speaking fluently Finnish, (hopefully) understandable English, "intermediate" French and Swedish, and some basics of Japanese, Russian & Italian. Currently trying to learn Sami
🍀 Shy, bystander, quiet person 
🍀 Taken, hangin' around with bf and his Cockatiel parrots.
🍀 deviantART accounts: Ketunlieko & Nanohara

🍀  Manga has been my hobby since.. 2006 I think and I currently I have collection of +700 mangas/manhwas/global mangas. (And one lightnovel, lol) Last time I counted them, I had 714 mangas, but that was months ago.
Picture of my collection, when I had about 668 mangas. 
Manga Collection

  🍀 My most precious manga series is absolutely first edition of Yoshihiro Takahashi's Shiroi Senshi Yamato. (1976 – 1989)
I even got his autograph to first volume's inner cover. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  


🍀 I have watched anime also from 2006, after I started reading manga. =v=
Of course now we don't count that I watched couple of animes during my childhood, such as Maya the Honey Bee, Moomins, Galaxy Express 999, Pokemon, Digimon, Silver Fang... 

🍀 And when it comes to anime, I watch almost everything. I watch even crappy series just to see how it ends. Or for a good laughs. Or because I just can't left series unfinished after I have started it. No matter how many years it might take to finish it. That being said, I don't drop my animes, I simply move them from my watching list to stalled section, then come back some other time. 

🍀 I usually don't rate my animes, since I watch pretty much everything even thought I don't like it. 

My favorite genres are: Horror, Gore, Psychological, Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Action, Mystery..
And least favorites are: Mecha, Romantic, Over-the-Top Ecchi (but I still watch it :--D)


🍀 Some of my favorite animes:
(Can you name them all? Lol it ain't too hard.)


And some of my favorite characters:


🍀My banner and avatar is Kuroha/Black Konoha aka The Snake of Clearing Eyes from Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors



🍀 Anime challenges for 2016


 Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- Open to everyone

Mofe info: Larkawolfgirl

40 series you must watch within the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 17/40. 


VampGirl's Anime Challenge 2016

More info: VampGirl

36 series & all their seasons you must watch withing the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 10/36.



🍀 I play video games, current (and maybe all time) favorite is definitely The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I'm even squealing over its soundtrack, so freaking epic; not joking.

🍀 Other games I like includes Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Skyrim, OSU!, Sims 2, Assassin's Creed, Resogun, Silent Hill, Far Cry & so on.

🍀 My other hobbies are something like photographing & drawing just for fun, reading, roleplaying and collecting My Little Pony - toys. Yeah, I collect them, but I'm not so hardcore fan. If ya don't like ponies, that's totally cool.



 🍀 Favorite non anime movies are: Star Wars - movies (Old trilogy's the best, havin' mixed feelings about new movie), Lord of the Rings - movies, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Battle Royale, Mad Max: Fury Road, Lone Rider and Deadpool. Yes, I absolutely love Deadpool and waited for years and months that movie. 



🍀 Mangas that I have that aren't yet listed here (pretty much just a reminder for myself):

Yoshihiro Takahashi:
- Shiroi Senshi Yamato (1-26)

Yoshihiro Takahashi & Akira Ito:
- Fang (1-2)
- Ginga no Inutachi [Shōnen to Inu] Remix
(oneshot, orginal name is Shōnen to Inu, I have that re-issued 2001 version) 

Hana Umeno
- Gakuen Densetsu - Hasami Onna  

Naruki Nagakawa & Pairan
- Shiroi Majo Utsukushii Sniper 1 (missing volume 2; this is sequel of Shiroi Majo)

Yuu Watase
- The Best Selection 1 (missing second volume)


Some milestones:

🍀 1st manga: Inuyasha vol 3
🍀 100th manga: Loveless 3
🍀 700th manga: Weed volume 52


🍀 900th anime: Junjou Romantica OVA 2
🍀 1000th anime: Nameko-ke no Ichizoku


🍀 Life on Anime: 4 months badge: Jun 4, 2016


 🍀 Feel free to follow or drop comment or something. I may be shy, but I always answer. 
I'm more "Follow & run away" type, it's easier for me just.. to follow users and then run away.
It's easier to reply than write the first comment in some cases. 


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Aerythrin says...

Konbanwa Yaki-chan~!  ^_^

Haha, yeah, I can kind of imagine...I'm sorry if my profile also kills your laptop D:

Ah, I'm so glad you're feeling a bit better, though a runny nose is pretty annoying, it probably feels like nothing compared to the full flu though. x3

Yes, that's true, I think company for a lot of animals is important. Have you heard more about the babies yet? ^_^ It might be boring, so I'm sure a companion would provide some entertainment. :3

Haha, the summer here was full of rain, we finally get some summer sun...at the end of September....I hope you get some of your rain. I don't mind too much that it's not too cold and autumnal here because it means there's less likely to be spiders inside, though we've already found some. *shudders* yeah, it was pretty spectacular, nothing was set on fire fortunately.

Hehe awww. Yeah, I can imagine, though I think maybe hormones might be a good enough excuse? :P Somehow I've just avoided being walked in on whilst being emotional over anime or VNs, it must be dumb luck or something. x3 Though I don't really care if I was discovered as long as I'm not like, sobbing in a ball...that would be harder to explain I think. :P

Yeah, copyright strikes on anime songs seem to be really harsh lately. They need to calm down and stop deleting videos because....my playlist... D:

Sep 23, 2016
Sewn says...

I'm all better now, been lazy lately. =w= Gotta love this season, even if I don't have a flu, my feet are cold as ice, even while using woolen stockings. 

Glad you are feeling better. c:

Haha, I'm lazy too. Procrastination rules my world. 7_7

My feet are always cold, even when I do use socks, so I just don't wear them unless I have to go somewhere. xD

Sep 23, 2016
XxZeroeZxX says...

Believe u me, I know full well! haha

Oh no, well I hope ur feeling better by now *hug* :(

I'm doing good, so far this week work has been a lot less busy and less stressful than it has been the last couple weeks :)

Finally, no real major deadlines lol

And u? How's school? Is ur boyfriend still treating u nice?? He better be or he'll hav to answer to me :P

Sep 20, 2016
Aerythrin says...

Nyanpasu, Yaki-chan!

Sorry for my slightly late reply, your comment got buried. >_< I wanted to reply quickly as I could, but I failed once again. :(

Awww, I hope you're feeling better. I'll cast a healing spell!~ (ノ゚∀゚)ノ⌒・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*☆

I can imagine it would be, it sounds like something relaxing. ^_^ I guess it'll be a sort of sadness at seeing them in a bad state but happiness at knowing you'll be able to spend time fixing them up like that, hehe.

Haha oh god, yeah better not to try and use an umbrella there then. It's nice that you have some places to walk at least, though it doesn't sound like it's ideal with the roads and the wind.

It might work that way, but it might not. If she's already attached to him, she might be the same even with some company. It's a good idea to try though. ^_^

Well that's good, haha. I prefer it when it's cooler as well, humidity is the worst, we actually get very little here usually but it's been a very strange summer for weather. We had some dry thunderstorms the other night which is the first time I've ever seen it without rain, it rained later but for a good hour there was rain and thunder with no rain at all! I wonder if it wasn't directly overhead, but the thunder was so loud it was rattling my blinds, haha.

Awww, poor you. D: I have experienced a similar thing, but not any more. I have nothing to blame for anime making me emotional, it just is a thing. :P Stupid hormones.

I really like that dubstep cover, I wasn't expecting to like it haha. I usually avoid covers or re-does of songs, but it's really nicely done. Damn loud on my headset though. :P The second version was pretty nice but I prefer the original to that one. ^_^ Thanks for sharing. :3 And again, I hope you are feeling better~

Sep 17, 2016
kaelja says...

T^T Yaki I'm sorry for not responding in so long... it's nearly a whole month!

My laptop officially broke and my old latop just is so slow and crashy that I'd rather not even touch it >< I will be sending away my broken laptop this week so I hope to be all online and cool again after that :P 

I'll reply to your previous comment the parts I still know what we were talking about, but let's keep it fresh I guess? xD 

How are you? :D How's the adorable Skadi and do you still have Snake Bites? :P 

Oh yeah back in august Pokémon Go was still a thing, huh? *denial that ppl still play it* 

Don't you get a shitload of candies tho from breeding eggs? I guess eevee candies are pretty helpful since you need to evolve it so many times :P

Oh don't get me wrong xD I get annoyed around kids too :P They just like me for some reason 

Hahaha damn I can't imagine living in a country with dangerous animals xD Seriously I can skip around naked with baked taped to my body in the woods at night here, and the most dangerous thing that could approach me is a swann xP

Helsinki Zoo XD that sounds so awesome for some reason. I only ever see the name Helsinki on maps xP

Ok well I don't know about finland, but this past week it has been soooo hot here :S Luckily I have some Spanish blood in me from a few generations ago but that also means I take plenty of Siestas now ofcourse :P

Anyways, again, sorry for the late response ^^' I hope you still remember me (A) It's just that being on a computer isn't really my thing at the moment.

Hei Hei Hei Hei (I wanted to do three but I thought maybe it's Finnish logic that an odd number of  Hei-s means hello and -even bye XD)

Sep 15, 2016