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Päivää | Hello | Hejsan | Bonjour | приве́т |こんにちは | Ciao | Buore beaivvi |


Nice to meet ya all.

You can call me Yaki or Yakhio, I’m not too picky about that. Yaki is more common nickname.


Something little about me

⋆ 1992 & Aquarius, Chinese Zodiac animal is Goat
⋆ Black hair with couple random red stripes & shaved right side
⋆ Pair of earrings & snake bites
⋆ Shy, bystander, quiet
⋆ Hanging around with bf and his Cockatiel parrots

⋆ If you ask me what’s up I may easily tell you, to total stranger how my day was so horrible/nice/because of x reasons
⋆ In other words; small talk ain’t really my thing, if you want to know how my life is going, prepare yourself.

⋆ I love to learn different languages
⋆ My hobbies includes anime & manga, playing videogames, drawing, photographing, roleplaying, collecting MLP toys  
⋆ deviantART accounts: Ketunlieko & Nanohara



⋆ Reading manga since 2006
⋆ Currently having collection of 827 mangas (counted them 22.12.2016; number contains one OEL manga series & couple manhwas)
⋆ All the mangas I have read/I’m reading can be found from my bookshelves
⋆ I have some series that aren’t yet listed in here, so my read list is little bit off
⋆ Couple years ago I met creator of Ginga series Yoshihiro Takahashi and got his autograph to couple of my mangas
⋆ My manga custom lists which I use mainly to track what I read/have read/what I have in my shelves:
My Finnish Manga
My English Manga
My Japanese Manga

In perfect disorder



⋆ Started to watch anime after discovered manga since 2006
⋆ First series that I knew was anime, was Naruto
⋆ Watched multiple animes during my childhood like Galaxy Express 999, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, Moomin, Maya the Honey Bee, Pokemon, Digimon etc.
⋆ I never saw Sailor Moon, when I was little. : I

⋆ I watch pretty much everything regardless of series’ quality, story or genres
⋆ That being said, I can’t left animes unfinished; I move them to stalled listing and watch them later
⋆ I also don’t rate watched animes, and others’ ratings doesn’t affect what I watch; everybody has different tastes

Favorite genres

⋆ Horror, Gore, Psychological, Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Action, Mystery, Mythology, Slice of Life

Least favorites

⋆ Mecha, Over-the-top Ecchi, Romantic when it becomes too sappy
⋆ And I still watch those genres and sometimes they have positive surprises among them


⋆My banner is Kuroha/Black Konoha aka The Snake of Clearing Eyes from Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors




 Anime challenges for 2016
Probably can’t finish them before 2016 ends, but I can always try


 Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- Open to everyone

Mofe info: Larkawolfgirl

40 series you must watch within the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 18/40. 


VampGirl's Anime Challenge 2016

More info: VampGirl

36 series & all their seasons you must watch withing the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 16/36.




⋆ I play videogames as stated in my hobbies
⋆ Favorite genres: RPG, Visual Novel, Action, Adventure, Fighting
⋆ Favorite games: The Witcher 3, Skyrim, Kingdom Hearts, Sims 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Pokemon Go, Resogun, Silent Hill 2, Far Cry 3 & 4, OSU!, etc


 One of my favorite game soundtrack songs ever

⋆ Deadpool is cool dude 



Mangas that I have that aren't yet listed here (with MU links):

Yoshihiro Takahashi
Ginga Seiken Densetsu Meteor Gin (銀牙聖犬伝説 Meteor Gin) 
MU-link doesn't say much; but basically it's database book of GNG/Silver Fang; it contains data of the characters, their abilities/attacks/attributes & manga's events. Has also mangaka's interview.

Yoshihiro Takahashi & Akira Ito:
- Fang (2/2)
- Ginga no Inutachi [Shōnen to Inu] Remix (1/1)  

Hana Umeno
- Gakuen Densetsu - Hasami Onna (1/1)  

Naruki Nagakawa & Pairan
- Shiroi Majo Utsukushii Sniper (2/2; this is sequel of Shiroi Majo)

Yuu Watase
- The Best Selection (1/2)

- Pita Ten Offical Fan Book (3/3; MAL link)


Some milestones:

1st manga: Inuyasha vol 3
100th manga: Loveless 3
700th manga: Weed volume 52


900th anime: Junjou Romantica OVA 2
1000th anime: Nameko-ke no Ichizoku


Life on Anime: 4 months badge: Jun 4, 2016




 My newest manga (bought between 01.04 - 31.06):

Orion 6
Tokyo Ghoul 7



My Anime Challenge 2017
46 series to watch


Currently watching| pics links


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AstralTraveler Apr 21, 2017

Well, you are making the effort to go out and interview at different stores, so you definitely deserve credit for that! =) Setting aside the unemployment frustration, and that dreams and wishes can come true, what is your ideal employment by the way? Would you like to be a video game designer? How about a mangaka? Or perhaps set up your own store and sell merchandise to customers? Or, what are you good at doing? You seem to understand many different languages. ^^ Have you considered employment as an interpreter/translator?

Ah, that's understandable. Yes, there are quite a few interesting dog/canine Pokémon types! ^^ Well, those certainly sound like fun and enjoyable activities with Pokémon. =)

Yeah, sales can be helpful in saving some money. You are sincere and kind, and I'm sure Rumiko Takahashi, Arina Tanemura, and Leiji Matsumoto would all be grateful to you. =)

Ah, I see. Yeah, budget and student interest can determine whether or not a class will be offered... =/ That happens a lot over here in the United States as well. >.<' It's cool that you had some English lessons when you were in kindergarten, even though it was with a club. Of course, school is not the only place or way to learn languages. Both my mom and dad know several languages, so I was able to learn other languages at home. Some of the people in my neighborhood can speak other languages and they would teach me some words and phrases too. :D How about you? Has any of your family or friends taught you other languages?

It seems that when there is motivation, one can learn almost anything at any age! Some of my older relatives are afraid of or don't know how to use a computer, but your grandpa's example shows that it is possible for older people to learn how to use technology. =) Besides languages, are there other things you want to learn? Any musical instruments? Or maybe even just how to talk to birds? :p

Hahaha. Your grandpa sure knows his favourite games! =) I wonder if your mom was worried about what kinds of things a girl should be buying, because you said she was okay with the father playing video games. :o In some cultures or families, there are specific cultural and gender expectations for boys and girls (e.g. boys should not cry, girls should know how to cook, etc.). How about in Finland, or your particular family, are there specific expectations about boys and girls? Or are people generally open-minded and accepting?

Oh, I see. I can understand that because Solid Snake was introduced to you at such an early age by your grandpa (And he even translated stuff? You have an awesome grandpa!). xD Your reasons as to why Ezio, Geralt, and Pagan Min are your favourite characters are understandable as well. And that scene of Pagan Min was really amusing; he's definitely not a fan of candles! xD Thanks for showing it to me.

Wow, and still enough to have dreams about zombies? o_o Well, I hope you're having fun in those dreams. I wonder if the zombies are chasing you or you are chasing the zombies? :P Oh yeah, definitely been in games where lags can make sudden surprises happen... >.<' What would you do, if you are playing Pokémon GO and suddenly Mewtwo appears? Hahaha.

You were sneezing too? I wonder what it could be, since you said you don't have any allergies. I'm glad it's much less now! ^^'

Yeah, some articles can exaggerate and overhype which may lead to one having high expectations. Or perhaps, you've been playing a lot of scary games at that time and that sort of made you immune to new scary stuff? Hahaha. :P Ah yes, the experience can be totally different when playing by oneself. x_x'

Wow, looking at your Anime Watched list... either my eyes are bad and I'm seeing a lot of numbers, or that you've really watched A LOT of anime already. o_o' Well, that's okay. Some funny ones... funny ones... Let's see here: Love Lab, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, Outbreak Company, xxxHolic, Hataraku Maou-sama!, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, and Blood Lad. Each of them have many funny scenes and moments! Oh, by the way, you'll also see or hear things about video games, manga, collecting stuff, myth, folklore, fantasy, etc. which I'm sure you can relate to. ;) For example, Haiyore! Nyaruko-san has a lot of parodies and references to various anime and video games, so people who have played a lot of video games or watched a lot of anime (such as yourself) will tend to find it more funny than those who watched or played just a few. xxxHolic tends to be more on the mysterious, scary, or creepy side but there are amusing scenes and it also has creatures and concepts from fantasy, myth, and folklore. So, I certainly do hope there is AT LEAST ONE which you haven't seen yet! Hahaha. But if you've already watched all of them, I'd say that each one is worth re-watching! (I think I re-watched Haiyore! Nyaruko-san at least 3 times in trying to find all the parodies, references, and what not). Hahaha. xD

Well, have fun! :D

Alebord Apr 20, 2017

*Small changes*

Sakurada Reset, 3.5★ Just watched the 3th ep and the story took a good turn, so i need to change what i said ^^ It's intriguing now :3 *Still don't love the art style tho* While i'm at it, the story is about a girl that can ''reset'' go back a few day in the past and a guy that can remember that (and everything in general too ;) ^^


Alebord Apr 19, 2017

That's often the problem with laptop ^^ My old one died because of that ;P

You're french skills aren't that bad ;)

Fillers of Naruto Shippuuden were kind of annoying, but when you watch a few in a row it's not that bad, but when you wait a week and get a filler...!

*Inuyasha & Ranma, never saw that before ^^ 

Stuff about the ongoing of this season!? YES! X)

Attack on Titan 2nd Season, 3.5★ You already know that one ;P It's AoT, so it's like either you love it or dislike it, i love it ^^

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, 3.5★ I'll love it no matter what happen! It's a bit better than i expected, but the characters name make me cringe so much.. those are.. Something! (Lee kid is named Metal........................)

Sword Oratoria: Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side, 4.5★ I had SO much hype about it and i love it SO much! Really glad that it reached my expectations! :3 ♥

My Hero Academia 2, 3.5★ Love it! I can't wait for the fight part :3 

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul, 3.5★ That bring back memories ^^ I love it a lot! The main character looks really fun! :3 I want to see the main character from the other ''sequel/season/whatever'' ;)

Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat, 3.5★ It's like season 1! Great! Funny! Lots of fun! (Caution may contain fan service.. It's basicaly what the show is about anyway ;)

Alice & Zouroku, 4★ It's not what i expected, but that was even better, incredible!! I need more! :3 The story is awesome and the art style looks gorgeous! (to my eyes ;) I really like what all the story is about it's fun :3

Anonymous Noise, 3★ It's not what i expected, actually it's a bit less good then what i expected. The art style is fine.., but that's it.(I have to say that i'm slowly getting into that art style as i watch the story..) The story is weird a bit too, but i think it'll get good ^^ (I hope so) A girl that can't get over the lost of her childhood friends, so she sing really loud x)

Armed Girl’s Machiavellism, 3★ I didn't expect it to be enjoyable ^^ Even tho the story is special, it's really funny! I'm not so sure about the art style, but i think i somewhat enjoy it ;P (Don't watch that i'm just weird) 1 boy tons of girls that basically want to make him act like a girl

Clockwork Planet, 4★ This one! This one! Yes, yes, this one! I only watched it because of the preview and i have no regrets! I really love it! That clockwork thing was got me curious, but not everything about it made me curious! I can't wait to see more of that story! :3 *This may deserve a ecchi tag*

Eromanga Sensei, 3★ That was pretty weird and not that much interesting, but the loli drawing erotic stuff (wtf) was somewhat funny (really?) and the end got me curious!(Anything would) Even if it's a weird start it might be good ;) Not sure how it'll get, but i hope it'll be worth to watch X)

Frame Arms Girl, 3★ That's weird..? The fight part is bad, but the characters are funny and i somehow like the art style a bit *This may deserve a ecchi tag* Don't watch that

Grimoire of Zero, 4★ I LOVE it! Everything about it! I love the story! I love the art style! I love characters! I love how everything is put together! For a ''ADVENTURE,FANTASY,MAGIC'' show, it's incredible! :3 A big surprise! ^^ And a good one on top of that ;) I wasn't expecting to love it and it's kinda classic, but i love it anyway :3 ♥

Hinako Note, 3★ The slice of life of a really (way too much) shy girl.. It's fun.. I mean there is a girl that eat books.. Oh and the shy girl is trying to get over her skyness. Not that good, but not that bad.

ID-0, 3★ My first impression was terrible! (But like really i almost stopped watching) Not only the story looked weak, but the art style wasn't really good either! BUT! Actually it's better then that! Even tho that kind of animation isn't really my thing, the art style got a little fun side, so it's fine! As for the story, it's way better and way more fun then i expected it to be, so i'll gladly watch more of it! ^^ Mecha in space.. Not my kind of show, but i'll watch it anyway ;P

Seikaisuru Kado, 3★ There was a ep0 that was somewhat boring.. I only realised this was borring when i finished, but does that mean that it wasn't boring? I don't know ^^ By parts the animation was kind of weird, but i gess it's because of the CG animation ;P The first ep now, That was really weird and not really fun to watch until something happens near the end, it made me want to see what's next :3 That dude looks awesome! ^^ It's not that good, but i like the alien/broken human dude x)

Love Tyrant, 3.5★ Woah that's a weird one! It was fun don't get me wrong! It's a really exaggerated story, but i love it :3 *This probably deserve a ecchi tag* The show itself is a parody ;P

Quan Zhi Gao Shou, 3.5★ That is surprisingly good! Even tho the begin is kinda weird, the story overall looks really interesting! :3 It's Chinese animation, but i kinda like anyway ^^ It's fun to see the story of the broken gamer that got stabbed in the back.

Re:Creators, 3★ I thought that this would be awesome, but right now i'm not so sure about it.. I hope it'll but good, but i'm not that big of a fan of how it started ;P Everyone is crazy about this one, so you might like it ^^

Roku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records, 3.5★ That was.. something? ^^ I love the art style and the story looks fun! A bit weird tho,.. but i can't wait to see how it goes! :3 *This may deserve a ecchi tag* It's a school of magic and there is a new part-time teacher that is kinda weird and then some stuff happen ^^

Room Mate: One Room Side M, 1.5★ NOPE this is terrible i won't watch more of that! BOOHOO! 

Sakura Quest, 3★ The main character got my attention, but apart from that.. the rest is mostly average ^^

Sakurada Reset, 3★ Here's an interesting one! I had a lot of hype for that story, but i'm not so sure anymore.. Neither the art style or the story feels good, so why am i still watching? ^^

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii Desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii Desu ka?, 3.5★ The story looks fun, but it feels really slow! After the first ep i had almost no idea what it's about ;P Now i like it, but still i'm not sure how it'll be ;P

Sin: Nanatsu no Taizai, 3★ I'm kinda sad about this one.. It's passed the point where you call it ''ecchi'' It's hentai everybody know it! It has an uncensored version.. But the reason i'm sad is i actually really enjoy the story ''the fallen angel'' Is really well done and i love how they put everything together! I'll watch it anyway, but it could've been really awesome! :3

Souryo to Majiwaru Shikiyoku no Yoru ni..., 2★ Oh! Oh. Oh... Is this the intro of a hentai? Looks like it! (4min ep) This really feels like One Room, but with older characters and talking of characters, with actual characters in it! ^^

The Royal Tutor, 3.5★ That looks fun.. somehow.. ^^ A teacher for four princes that all have a different personality, so he will have to deal with all of them! That's fun! The small teacher really is awesome and all the princes with ''special'' personalities! ;) The only thing is that.. is this really going to be fun for a long time? They'll have to come up with more stuff ^^

The Silver Guardian, 3.5★ I had no idea what it would be and OH god that was so good! The story looks interesting&funny and the are style looks great! :3 I can't wait to see more of this one :3

Tsugumomo, 2★ I almost dropped that one! Actually i did, but got back to it.. Oh wait i dropped it again..  I dislike the art style and the story didn't got me at all! Even the fan service wasn't enough to get me!

Tsuki ga Kirei, 3★ This is like the empty anime of the season! (lol) It's the extremely average one i always forget i watched!

Sooooo, with all those in mind, here are the one i would recommend you, (Oh wait i need to choose some now!)

Woah it's hard to tell what kind of stuff you prefer since you don't have ratings.. Hum.. I'll put two categories: (This dosen't include season2 or sequel or whatever) 

First off, those i'll recommend as my personal favourite: Grimoire of ZeroRoku de Nashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic RecordsClockwork PlanetAlice & Zouroku.

Second, those i'll recommend as the one i think are general good even if they aren't my fav one. Grimoire of ZeroThe Royal TutorRe:CreatorsLove Tyrant.

I can be more specific with some of them if you want me to :3

Take as much time as you need! (But not too much ;) 


sugarystars Apr 13, 2017

I see we have a mutual taste in anime C:

Who is your fav from Higurashi?

KonachanXD Apr 11, 2017

Yup yup! I've just started watching Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and it's really really cute! Would totally recommend it if you're into comedy animes (especially something like Lucky Star) and way too adorable characters ^^

Do you have any recommendations? c: