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Hello.. ~ 

You can call me Yaki : 3

🍀 1992 & Aquarius
🍀 Finland 
🍀 English ain't native language
🍀 Speaking fluently Finnish, (hopefully) understandable English, "intermediate" French and Swedish, and some basics of Japanese, Russian & Italian. Currently trying to learn Sami
🍀 Shy, bystander, quiet person 
🍀 Taken, hangin' around with bf and his Cockatiel parrot.
🍀 deviantART accounts: Yakhio & Nanohara

🍀  Manga has been my hobby since.. 2006 I think and I currently I have collection of +700 mangas/manhwas/global mangas. (And one lightnovel, lol) Something around 714 would be precise number.
Picture of my collection, when I had about 668 mangas. 
Manga Collection

Mangas I have bought after taking above picture

And little bit more manga

 🍀 My most precious manga series is absolutely first edition of Yoshihiro Takahashi's Shiroi Senshi Yamato. (1976 – 1989)
I even got his autograph to first volume's inner cover. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ  

🍀 I have watched anime also from 2006, after I started reading manga. =v=
Of course now we don't count that I watched couple of animes during my childhood, such as Maya the Honey Bee, Moomins, Galaxy Express 999, Pokemon, Digimon, Silver Fang... 

🍀 And when it comes to anime, I watch almost everything. I watch even crappy series just to see how it ends. Or for a good laughs. Or because I just can't left series unfinished after I have started it. No matter how many years it might take to finish it. That being said, I don't drop my animes, I simply move them from my watching list to stalled section, then come back some other time. 

🍀 I usually don't rate my animes, since I watch pretty much everything even thought I don't like it. 

My favorite genres are: Horror, Gore, Psychological, Yaoi, Shounen-ai, Action, Mystery..
And least favorites are: Mecha, Romantic, Over-the-Top Ecchi (but I still watch it :--D)

🍀 Currently watching


🍀 Some of my favorite animes:
(Can you name them all? Lol it ain't too hard.)


And some of my favorite characters:


🍀My banner and avatar is Kuroha/Black Konoha aka The Snake of Clearing Eyes from Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors



🍀 Anime challenges for 2016


 Larkawolfgirl's 2016 Anime Challenge- Open to everyone

Mofe info: Larkawolfgirl

40 series you must watch within the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 14/40. 


VampGirl's Anime Challenge 2016

More info: VampGirl

36 series & all their seasons you must watch withing the challenge: here

My progress: Here
Currently watched 6/36.



🍀 I play video games, current (and maybe all time) favorite is definitely The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I'm even squealing over its soundtrack, so freaking epic; not joking.

🍀 Other games I like includes Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Skyrim, OSU!, Sims 2, Assassin's Creed, Resogun, Silent Hill, Far Cry & so on.

🍀 My other hobbies are something like photographing & drawing just for fun, reading, roleplaying and collecting My Little Pony - toys. Yeah, I collect them, but I'm not so hardcore fan. If ya don't like ponies, that's totally cool.



 🍀 Favorite non anime movies are: Star Wars - movies (Old trilogy's the best, havin' mixed feelings about new movie), Lord of the Rings - movies, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Battle Royale, Mad Max: Fury Road, Lone Rider and Deadpool. Yes, I absolutely love Deadpool and waited for years and months that movie. 



🍀 Mangas that I have that aren't yet listed here (pretty much just a reminder for myself):

Yoshihiro Takahashi:
- Ginga Densetsu Akame (1-)
- Ginga Densetsu Riki (oneshot)
- Ginga Densetsu Weed Gaiden (oneshot)
- Ginga Nagareboshi Gin: Shin Gaiden (1-2)

- Shiroi Senshi Yamato (1-26)

Yoshihiro Takahashi & Akira Ito:
- Fang (1-2)
- Ginga no Inutachi [Shōnen to Inu] Remix
(oneshot, orginal name is Shōnen to Inu, I have that re-issued 2001 version) 

Hana Umeno
- Gakuen Densetsu - Hasami Onna  

Naruki Nagakawa & Pairan
- Shiroi Majo Utsukushii Sniper 1

Yuu Watase
- The Best Selection 1


Some milestones:

🍀 1st manga: Inuyasha vol 3
🍀 100th manga: Loveless 3
🍀 700th manga: Weed volume 52


🍀 900th anime: Junjou Romantica OVA 2
🍀 1000th anime: Nameko-ke no Ichizoku


🍀 Life on Anime: 4 months badge: Jun 4, 2016


 🍀 Feel free to follow or drop comment or something. I may be shy, but I always answer. 
I'm more "Follow & run away" type, it's easier for me just.. to follow users and then run away.
It's easier to reply than write the first comment in some cases. 


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ZeroGreninja says...

You can do it!!

Wait you said "when I reach the main menu". The game starts you off right off the bat? Like you have to go through some hardship first before reaching the main menu?

Cool! I hope to get into the Fallout games. I heard they're very good.

Sounds like alot of fun! Do you play super smash bros? Instead of Tekken of SoulCalibur, my friends and I usually play super smash bros.

Jul 29, 2016
Sireneth says...

Hey Hey !!!!

Aw no ! We gotta do something about it. Here ! Massage ! I aint gonna lie but im good at it :) Haha :) Anyway i guess my body got used to odd sleeping position, cant sleep "normally" though hah :P

Oh yeah, edit option would be something just great ! Well smetimes it happen to me that i have to delete the message and write it again cuz something it completly nonsense. At least we dont have to choose this stupid pictures everytime we post a new comment. It was really annoying cuz it bugged pretty often :D I gld it got removed :)

Hmm i think i rewatch some anime for emotions more than to remind myself the anime. I remembered TOxA very well, most of scenes and everything but just wanted to get the feels again and saw my favourite characters :D I dont regreat any second while wathichng this anime :P Hmm my childhood animes were pokemon, yu gi oh and dragonball z and other which every1 used to watch but i dont feel like i want to watch it again. I prefer anime which are relatively new :)

Oh my, i've watched this anime more than a year ago and actually i dont remember the ending at all. The only thing i remember about the ending was a knife which slowly goes into Ichinose's body by Azuna? Dunno haha :P Mayby its a sign to rewatch it finally :P But just like you i liked every1 in this show :) It was also really interesting that each episode had a different ending song, i really enjoyed most of them :) I guess you wont be surprised if i say This was my favourite :)

I know i know that nothing will ever beats Deadpool but you might wanna check suicide squad too ? Im not gonna lie im waiting for Margot's Robbie creation of Harley Quinn :D

Have a wonderful day ! 

Jul 29, 2016
SexyCriminal says...


Jul 29, 2016
FullmetalDragon says...

Aww! So cute!(≧∇≦)I love their names as well! 

Yeah, I'm really excited! I'm going as Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats. Not too complicated a costume, which I'm thankful for. I've gone for some really over the top stuff in the past! 

Jul 29, 2016
XxZeroeZxX says...

Aww ur poor back *rubs ur back* :(

Haha I would imagine not, and as I've said before u Scandinavian types r so pretty in ur paleness <3

Haha I don't blame u. I mean, I seem talkative on here, but that's cause I can actually think about and develope what I want to say. In like actual conversation, things can become very staggered if the other person doesn't contribute significantly lol.

A 2-cour show for an all-nighter? That's pretty intense lol. Granted I'm not much into marathoning in general.

Haha yes I noticed that about u :P

So tell me my friend, I hav many friends in Norway, so I know a little bit about that, but what's it like living in Finland? :)

I imagine its very cold lol. Is the food good? :) R there a lot of pretty tall girls there? o_o

I was very disappointed that all my Norwegian friends were pretty tiny lolol

Jul 29, 2016