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How I feel about Warren and I said I love it I absolutely totally love it & Noble if you don't like it there's other names and I said now I love morning and it was great to beagle to do it had to ask you to because I'm a an adoptive mother you Bagri had a great experience by picking your birth parents I mean the adoptive parents and every it but what was that like for you did you go through a series of pictures and how did you know it was them I went through on when I went to the agency they Safer Colon gave me books to look through and I look to a couple analysts you know okay with them and I saw time in Carroll’s but and my heart stopped it was them I knew the minute I looked at it that it was an ambulance for the feeling it felt like I thought at peace like it was just like somebody was like whispering in my ear its them pick them the reason I say that is because we're going to talk to some adoptive parents but I know in my case I believe my children chose me and in every case the birth mother felt that they belong with us and it was just a knowledge is to feel just a feeling a minute left in it was 10 unit 1 on your a break and I think God knows when to go you're brave young woman Jennifer a it’s hard for me to fathom the feeling you must have been going through because take us back to that moment in the hospital..

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