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Hi I'm Yassie, better known as Morgan Brennan...
I really have no idea what to put here so I'm sorry! XD


Something about me:

I'm Morgan Brennan, my religion is wicca and I'm proud about this. (This is where my name is come from) Except watching anime I'm really in to sport. I really like to dance, classical ballet to be exactly!
Also I have a really lovely pet called Shiro. It is a albino cornsnake and I couldn't imagine my life without Shiro. ♥

My life is one big mess and there is allways something, but for me this is a nice challange and I really enjoy it in the end. I'm just a special girl with a special style and a special life,  that's ME! Oh and by the way, Shiro is a little bit wierd... Just like me!

My lovely Shiro~! ♥

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