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Hello anime world! My name is Shawn :D

Over these last 5+ yrs of watching anime, I've seen the industry grow and change. And while fads come and go, one thing that doesn't change is my great appreciation for this industry. With all these experiences and memories under my belt, I really enjoy sharing my views on anime whenever I get the chance, especially with the newbies ;). I guess I'm an intellectual of sorts, so I just love discussing this kinda stuff in detail when I can. And while I may be the resident Ivy Leaguer here, trust me I'm not as uptight as you think ^_^. In addition to watching anime, I'm also a huge football fan and <was> an avid 360 gamer (until I didn't hav the 100 hrs to dump into my fav rpgs anymore). Actually that's a lie, cause I just got an XOne because Fallout (and passed level 60 lol) and just got the Skyrim remaster (and just passed level 40 lol). I also regularly listen to Japanese (and some Korean) music. I used to keep regular track of the weekly Oricon charts, which was totally awesome I recommend it to anyone here who's interested in Japanese music :)

Anyway, long story short, feel free to gimme a shout out some time! Leave a profile comment, don't be shy I love talking to new people on the site :). And I'm always willing to discuss the latest series...

Recently Completed Anime:

Ajin 2 - 4/5 Stars

Occultic;Nine - 3/5 Stars

Here are the series I'm currently following (no particular order):

Scum's Wish

Little Witch Academia

Rakugo S2



<Coming Soon> My ongoing ranked list will be found here :)

Moving on to my ratings, those I do keep pretty strong tabs on. Considering I haven't written reviews in forever, and am too lazy to fix those ratings, my star ratings are really the only things that actually matter anymore. I use pretty much a tiered system for my ratings, each tier representing what I feel to be series of similar quality. Of course, the 4.5 and 5 star tier represent shows I really loved (the elite series) and the 4 star tier would be the best of the rest (and that's no slight). And this is an admittedly hard system, so don't shy away f/ something just cause I happen to hav it under 4 stars. And on the flip side, don't necessarily feel the need to gravitiate to something just because I hav it rated high, I've definitely added some heavy bias when it comes to certain personal favorite type shows. Perhaps I'll construct a proper list of them someday. Anywho, I'm also constantly reassessing my star ratings to maintain some measure of consistency.

I also have an established history of recording what I'm watching ( /have watched) with Lists. Note that these Lists are ranked, and my ongoing list I try to update about weekly (as I see fit). Do keep in mind, I only include series which I've watched ( /am watching), so if it's not there, I didn't watch it, so don't complain about it <please -_->. I kinda eliminated that whole complicated system of how I treated 2-cour series in my Lists, they appear in both seasons, and account for the totality of the series. I know technically that might not make a whole lot of sense, but realistically, people wanna know how this show compared to that show, not how the 1st half compares or something silly like that haha. And once again just like my ratings, Lists are to be considered very fluid. I'm a firm believer in judging longevity almost as much as the immediate impression upon completion. It just may take me a while to update all my Lists, not gonna lie...

NEW FOR 2016 -- After careful consideration, I will be adding 2 important new restrictions for my Lists. Historically, I have included everything I watched in a given season regardless of where it ranks. That will no longer be the case. From now on, in attempt to streamline my lists (and frankly give them a little more meaning than just a ranking sheet), for seasonal lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3 stars or above. I may institute a 3 show minimum if it becomes necessary. In addition, for my annual lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3.5 stars or above. "Best Of" is supposed to mean something, and especially for a full year's worth of anime, average is not the best. Oh and to that effect, my annual lists will no longer be "Top 10s" but "Best Ofs" which may include more or less than 10 shows. Come to think of it, I may start merging some of these lists moving forward as I just don't hav to time to watch the volume of ongoing series that I used to. C'est la vie...

NEW FOR 2017 -- So let's be real here, and as those who know me may hav noticed, I just don't keep up w/ as much ongoing anime as I used to. Realistically I've managed to keep up w/ maybe 2 shows a season for the last 2 seasons. As such, barring some kind of major exception, I'll be retiring my seasonal anime lists. My ongoing lists date all the way back to Fall 2010, so I'd say its been a pretty damn good run of over 5 yrs of ongoing anime. Anime is still definitely my passion, but being a working Engineer doesn't exactly afford an excess of free time lol. I'll certainly continue to produce my annual lists, and perhaps I may consider like a semiannual if I can manage to follow enough shows that I feel it's worthwhile. Thank you everyone for your support in these busy times!

<Work in Progress> Here's my final slate of Lists for 2016:

Best Of Year 2016

Best Of Fall 2016

Best Of Summer 2016

Best Of Spring 2016

Best Of Winter 2016

And great news everybody, you can actually write up little descriptions/ justifications on your Lists now! :D I'm in the process of updating ^_^. I think I'm thru everything except for 2015 and the Winter seasons (because the alphabet lol), nothing in 2016 yet I'm afraid.

I finally made a top 10 anime list! I just haven't posted it on the site yet... And it's been a while so who knows if it's still accurate.. Yeah, not much of an announcement -_-

Guess what... I posted it now ;)

It seems that Lists don't show on your main page anymore so please click on the tab at the top of the page and take a look. You can get a good feel for the kinda stuff I like. Now there's even character lists! And I just updated, hooray!!!

I do welcome recommendations, but in all honesty unless it's something ongoing or in a coming season, I probably won't get the chance to watch it right away (or anytime soon lol).

Lastly, I keep an open door policy, I'm not one for forums and such but I am regularly available on fb or skype if you wanna IM ^_^

~ ~ Peace ~ ~

Never my fanart by the way, I have no artistic ability.

But if anyone wants to show off their art or just something they found,
I'd be more than happy to take a look :), music too for that matter ^_^

You may have noticed in the past my avas and sigs always came from ongoing series, but now I'm lazy so I really don't change them -_-

ava = Kaori & Kousei f/ Your Lie in April (Perfect Couple <3)
header = Marnie f/ When Marnie Was There (Yes I changed it, Yes I know ur freaking out lol)

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AkwardLiz Feb 11, 2017

Second time I'm sending this reply please make sure to reply next time okay :)

I guess so but nobody in school is gonna know I have a phone until I put a case on it which will arrive soon since there wasnt any cases at Walmart for Galaxy Express 3 phones XD

I know if you know me though I stress over small things all the time :) but ya, I just don't come on here often still but that's okay I am trying my best after all I think unless I really aren't putting my best foot forward

What do you mean? I am thinking about the future for sure but things are also bothering me all the time XD however maybe my mind is too focused on what I want to happen in the future more than what is gonna happen. But I took something that says I'd be a billionaire ._. I'm sorry but money isn't that important to me

Sewn Feb 10, 2017

Oh, well that's okay. I bet you still look great. ^^

So, since you're from Jersey, do you have a Jersey accent? O:

Ohhh, Texas, huh? I've never been there but I'd like to visit sometime. 

Yes, traveling is nice. I'm actually going on a cruise this summer so that should be really exciting. I also enjoy listening to music and drawing. Reading is nice too, but it's an on/off hobby for me. Sometimes I feel like it doing it, sometimes I don't. 

How about you, what do you like doing? Do you do any art?

LetsGetCherryPie Feb 9, 2017

That's because I type in perfect English!

I think I've heard of that one, I don't really know anything about it, the title just sounds familiar.

I haven't heard of that. Actually, I don't think I've ever watched a film with Tom Cruise in it :/

I've been meaning to watch the Godfather because I think I might like it, but I don't really like watching dramatic things unless I'm discussing them with someone. It's kind of hard to explain, but if something cool is happening on screen I kind of want to talk about it, even if it's just "wow, that's cool, right?". That's probably why I usually only watch comedies by myself and I take ages to finish anime that are more serious.

A few, most recently Your Name. I really enjoyed it and I think it kind of lived up to the hype. I know a lot of people had problems with it, but to me they weren't really problems. I also saw 5 cm per Second by the same director, but it was kind of boring and the characters didn't really have any impact. The main characters from Your Name weren't anything special, but they were fun to watch. I actually bought Akira on DVD a while ago, but I haven't gotten around to watching that yet. Oh, there's also Ghibli movies! Everyone loves them! I actually saw Ponyo on TV before I got into anime and it was so weird. I was in my nana's house and I was arguing with my friend about something I can't really remember and the scene where Ponyo is running across the water and turning into a girl was playing. We ended laughing because of how ridiculous it looked and the argument stopped after that. I watched Ponyo again a couple of years later and I don't actually like it that much. My mum loves The Cat Returns and Spirited Away, so I've seen them a few times. Have you tried konpeito? I had them once and they're really nice! It's annoying trying to get them because you have to order online and the bags are so tiny >.< I also saw Arrietty on TV once and it was kind of boring. I've watched a few of the Pokemon movies as well, my favourite is probably Zoroark: Master of Illusions because it was the first one I watched and I love Zoroark and Zorua. I'm kind of rambling now...

LetsGetCherryPie Feb 9, 2017

That doesn't mean I should be proud of being hard to understand!

I've only seen a few of his films. I watched Dead Poets Society because we had to study it for English and I really enjoyed it. I loved his character because I'm quite particular about how a teacher should be and when I was at school I was always annoyed with how my teachers did everything wrong. He was a good teacher though. Well, I think. I can't remember.

I don't actually watch a lot of movies, usually only if my friends want to. I really love School of Rock, I was kind of obsessed with it for a while. I also really like Seven, because I love detectives and the seven deadly sins. Have you seen A Town Called Panic? It's a strange Belgian-French film with toys and it's hilarious. I can't really think of anything else :/ What about you?

LetsGetCherryPie Feb 9, 2017

Oh, I am. I'm actually kinda patriotic sometimes!

That doesn't seem like something I should be proud of...