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Hello anime world! My name is Shawn :D

Over these last 5+ yrs of watching anime, I've seen the industry grow and change. And while fads come and go, one thing that doesn't change is my great appreciation for this industry. With all these experiences and memories under my belt, I really enjoy sharing my views on anime whenever I get the chance, especially with the newbies ;). I guess I'm an intellectual of sorts, so I just love discussing this kinda stuff in detail when I can. And while I may be the resident Ivy Leaguer here, trust me I'm not as uptight as you think ^_^. In addition to watching anime, I'm also a huge football fan and <was> an avid 360 gamer (until I didn't hav the 100 hrs to dump into my fav rpgs anymore). Actually that's a lie, cause I just got an XOne because Fallout (and just reached level 60 lol). I also regularly listen to Japanese (and some Korean) music. I try to regularly keep track of the weekly Oricon charts when I can, and keep an ear to some of the catchier anime tracks :)

Anyway, long story short, feel free to gimme a shout out some time! Leave a profile comment, don't be shy I love talking to new people on the site :). And I'm always willing to discuss the latest series...

Here's what I'm following this season (no particular order):

Izetta: The Last Witch


Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans 2

Girlish Number

3-gatsu no Lion

Ajin 2nd


My ongoing ranked list can be found here :)

Moving on to my ratings, those I do keep pretty strong tabs on. Considering I haven't written reviews in forever, and am too lazy to fix those ratings, my star ratings are really the only things that actually matter anymore. I use pretty much a tiered system for my ratings, each tier representing what I feel to be series of similar quality. Of course, the 4.5 and 5 star tier represent shows I really loved (the elite series) and the 4 star tier would be the best of the rest (and that's no slight). And this is an admittedly hard system, so don't shy away f/ something just cause I happen to hav it under 4 stars. And on the flip side, don't necessarily feel the need to gravitiate to something just because I hav it rated high, I've definitely added some heavy bias when it comes to certain personal favorite type shows. Perhaps I'll construct a proper list of them someday. Anywho, I'm also constantly reassessing my star ratings to maintain some measure of consistency.

I also have an established history of recording what I'm watching ( /have watched) with Lists. Note that these Lists are ranked, and my ongoing list I try to update about weekly (as I see fit). Do keep in mind, I only include series which I've watched ( /am watching), so if it's not there, I didn't watch it, so don't complain about it <please -_->. Note that I classify series by when they finish, not when they start. Ergo, for example, you'll notice I've labeled Steins;Gate as a Summer anime although it did in fact premier in the Spring. The exception is if the series airs over Fall to Winter (i.e. spans mulitple yrs) which I list under both seasons. There's another small exception with the 22 ep noitaminA series, which will also be listed under both seasons over which it aired. While I would like to do this for all 2-cour series, I'm still hesistant as in my experience not all 2-cour anime hav an established midpoint. However, the noitaminA series hav historically been pretty well consistent on this. Of course in any case, for the premiering season the ranking accounts only for the events of the first half of the series. In case you were wondering, kind of the impetus for the noitaminA exception was basically Guilty Crown lol. And just like my ratings, Lists are to be considered very fluid. I'm a firm believer in judging longevity almost as much as the immediate impression upon completion.

NEW FOR 2016 -- After careful consideration, I will be adding 2 important new restrictions for my Lists. Historically, I hav included everything I watched in a given season (taking into account the rules listed above) regardless of where it ranks. That will no longer be the case. From now on, in attempt to streamline my lists (and frankly give them a little more meaning than just a ranking sheet), for seasonal lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3 stars or above. I may institute a 3 show minimum if it becomes necessary. In addition, for my annual lists I will only be including those shows which rank at 3.5 stars or above. "Best Of" is supposed to mean something, and especially for a full year's worth of anime average is not the best. Oh and too that effect, the annual lists will no longer be "Top 10s" but "Best Ofs" which may include more or less than 10 shows. Come to think of it, I may start merging some of these lists moving forward as I just don't hav to time to watch the volume of ongoing series that I used to. C'est la vie...

Here's my full slate of Lists f/ 2015:

Best Of Year 2015

Best Of Fall 2015

Best Of Summer 2015

Best Of Spring 2015

Best Of Winter 2015

And great news everybody, you can actually write up little reasonings on your Lists now! :D I'm in the process of updating ^_^. I think I'm thru everything except for 2015 and the Winter seasons (because the alphabet lol)

I finally made a top 10 anime list! I just haven't posted it on the site yet... And it's been a while so who knows if it's still accurate.. Yeah, not much of an announcement -_-

Guess what... I posted it now ;)

It seems that Lists don't show on your main page anymore so please click on the tab at the top of the page and take a look. You can get a good feel for the kinda stuff I like. Now there's even character lists! And I just updated, hooray!!!

I do welcome recommendations, but in all honesty unless it's something ongoing or in a coming season, I probably won't get the chance to watch it right away (or anytime soon lol).

Lastly, I keep an open door policy, I'm not one for forums and such but I am regularly available on fb or skype if you wanna IM ^_^

~ ~ Peace ~ ~

Never my fanart by the way, I have no artistic ability.

But if anyone wants to show off their art or just something they found,
I'd be more than happy to take a look :), music too for that matter ^_^

You may have noticed in the past my avas and sigs always came from ongoing series, but now I'm lazy so I really don't change them -_-

ava = Kaori & Kousei f/ Your Lie in April (perfect couple <3)
header = Marnie f/ When Marnie Was There (Yes I changed it, Yes I know ur freaking out lol)

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blackmomi says...

I know right! I really like what they did with it 😊 

Hmm.. other sad anime... Angel Beats is definitely on the list, Ginban Kaleidoscope (not sure how it's actually writen :P) I'd say was quite touching, but not so much sad maybe (???) and Kobato! I mean there's loads more, but I can't think of anything at the moment xD

Me? Well I'm from Lithuania (obvz xD) but right now I'm living and studying in UK! The course is called 'Computer Animation'! It's loads of fun!! 😊 Apart from that I can pretty much describe myself in 5 words: "Anime, cats and anything sweet" 😂😂 

How about you? Would you tell me more about yourself Jersey boy? (Lol that sounds flirty unintentionally though 😂)

Oct 26, 2016
blackmomi says...

Hi! Thanks for the comment :) As you can tell I just finished Anohana movie (I totally look like there was a storm on my face). I have actually watched the anime itself about a year ago and I swear to god it took my soul away... I assume you have watched it as well xD Anyway, I would love to chat more with you so please do leave another comment if you'd like to :)

Oct 26, 2016
greeneyedneko says...

No worries ^^ Take your time. I'm a chill person so I don't really wait impatiently for people to reply to me

Haha well, personally I did like the show attempting to trick and mislead into a circle where everybody points fingers towards somebody else each episode, but I also tend to overthink and overrationalize, so even if Rokka no Yuusha wouldn't have been attention-grabbing or entertaining for me, I would have still tried to solve the mystery, which the show does a very good job at making you follow along, dropping new information but never giving an answer so you as the viewer can keep up and try to foresee what's going to happen next. It was also kinda alluding to the old "who dun' it?!!!" type of 90ties detective stories like Kindaichi for the "drop and leave" hinting and logic, which I'm again, gonna admit that because of that it comes out as overly-dramatical and almost stupid and draggy at times. It's something that I didn't see in a while so I was also kinda nostalgic for this type of "play along" mystery shows instead of just having them serve me the solution on a silver platter at the end of the episode with information that we never even get a glimpse of.( Game of Laplace *coughs coughs* Even Bungou Stray Dogs does it better!!..despite it being so cringy...but I digress).  It really felt like a guessing game or a big riddle, so I do admit that I did care more about finding out the extra warrior and didn't give two shits about the demon king. haha But in this case I guess each to their own and no hard feelings ^^

However, I do want to focus on "choosing to not care" part of your sentence and this will be unrelated to Rokka no Yuusha as a whole. I don't think that you can "choose to not care". Not being interested in magical girls, or super heroes, or shoot-'em-all isn't something that you can "choose",  it's just taste. Regardless of whether the story is good or not, a person can't be commanded to care for something they hold no interest in despite the story being structurally and formally good written. I could take the mecha genre which i hold no particular interest for despite having watched very good shows like Escaflowne and a season of Gundam that are obviously mechas and while they are good shows I couldn't get over the mecha-subject and it was definitely not the shows' fault. But then I did like Code Geass for subjectively gripping me a lot more than the first two to the point that I ignored even the very existence of mechas. And of course there were shows that I fundamentally disliked such as Guilty Crown or Valvrave. But the important part to note is that I don't consider Code Geass any better than Escaflowne or even Evangelion when put side by side, even if I liked Code Geass and felt meh/okay about the other two. You can say this is where I put a line between my bias and my objectivity. You will never see me shit on a series just because I wasn't entertained; the issues will have to be far more catastrophic for me to start ranting and that goes to a structural and writing level. If I manage to feel that the character interaction and story progression is justified, then it doesn't matter whether I emotionally care for it or not, it's enough that it is justified; about not feeling much about it, it's my problem. Of course there are cases when the show just can't manage to do it well and just manages to result in raising eyebrows and rolling eyes situations and there, yes, it is not my fault that I don't care anymore. XD

I still haven't watched Railgun haha Kill me now XD And for Titan I imagine you're talking about Attack on Titan? A lot of stuff overshadowed Attack on Titan for me. It started off strong and impactful, but then...yeah..that's what I call an inconsequential story. People just go to die and most of the time it's just "because why not?". And more people die, more I feel detached. It's like reusing the same punchline for 10 times in a row; first, second and even third time it might be funny, then it just becomes annoying.

And THAT'S where I had high hopes for Perfect Insider. It trying to be pretentious and intellectual became its downfall though. I still remember how every episode I sighed a little bit louder. XD

Oct 26, 2016
greeneyedneko says...

Hmm Yes and no! I have bad memory for certain overall stuff, like I can't possibly remember the story of every anime I've ever watched or I even come to forget certain long discussions that I've had with people in the past, and overall..i'm an air-head so i'm justified... but I do tend to remember the useless shit! haha

My Italian name is Alessandra. But in reality it's written in an X, so Alexandra since it's supposed to be Romanian. XD I see your name is Shawn. (yes, I did read your description haha)

I can understand that. Well, I can also understand that Rokka no Yuusha is definitely not for everybody haha; there's a subjective point at play here too. I mean, I totally kudo you and agree that a show that doesn't make you care for its characters not even a tiny bit, it's overall forgettable and to an extent it's the fault of its storytelling and characters that just don't cut it (be it average or terrible), but it doesn't have to be completely the show's fault, it's also, sometimes, partly our "fault" as individuals not being able to "care" about everything we see even if the show/book/movie/whatever is formally good. I could give you the example of Monster that while formally good at least till half of it, I didn't really manage to care safe for the villain and yet it's one of the most loved and memorable classics in anime history.  Unfortunately, I  have difficulty to "care" for most shows/movies that I watch, but I do admit that I am biased towards certain genres or themes. Like in this case Rokka no Yuusha. I wouldn't be able to say that the writing of it was terrible, actually I think it's quite ambitious, but it does have quite a few lapses and jumps of logic that I can understand why it would lead to it being "bad writing" or a "bad mystery". And I'm definitely not gonna pretend that it's a masterpiece (the amount of shows that I give 10s to is quite minimal haha). Wanting to get into cinematographic criticism made me realize a lot of contradictions when it comes to judging a show. We can't be completely objective, that's a fact, we are not robots and one can argue that a story doesn't necessarily have to follow a formula or a rule and that every opinion is actually subjective, but I believe there exists a middle ground in all this. And...I went on rambling again. I apologize ! I do that a lot

Yeah, I can totally get you for Perfect Insider. The show was overall very dull and while I thought that it tried to do things different, it just..didn't haha However they do have their share of creativity which different mediums don't usually get to, but it is a hit or miss. Hearing you say that about Charlotte is literally everything that I had in mind. I just can't even add anything more fitting. A very big disappointment.

Oct 26, 2016
imnothere says...

Christmas without snow are depressing for me.  Snow is one thing that makes it special, everything is so beautiful covered with it.  And  I'm a bit sad today too because I was right and the snow from yesterday is almost completely gone now ...  probably will melt away later today.   Hopefully it will come back soon. :P  So in other words ... if it's not obvious already ... I like snow! :P 

Well our traditions aren't any different from yours, I think.  We bring in the Christmas tree, decorate it and spend the day making gingerbreads and other christmas food.  For us it's sauerkraut with bacon,potatoes, blood sausages, jellied meat, pickled pumpkin, small meat pies and for some reason we love eating tangerines during Christmas.  Which is weird because those things have nothing to do with Estonia, they don't grow here at all  and yet ... it's a tradition to have tangerines during Christmas.  :P   And besides all that we also have some kind of roast on the table, pork, rabbit or lamb. Our family has also tried baking duck and goose ... :P   And of course we have different kind of salads too.  Russian salad or potato salad or some kind of fresh vegetable salad without sour cream dressing.  

Estonians in general are not very religious people and not too many of us go to church, but most of us do visit the graveyards and light some candles on the graves of their departed family members and/or friends/acquaintances.  After that I think families with small children go home and start give out presents. Our family used to do it too in the past, when my sister and I were little... my father used to dress up as Santa and so on ...  but well ... now it kind of seems like a pointless waste of money.  Of course it's a nice gesture but we all know we care about each other, we don't need to give anything material to prove it. The fact the whole family gathers around the dinner table and spends time together is enough for us.  

Oh, and even though we don't go to church ourselves, we do have the broadcast of the Christmas Mass playing on tv. :P  But we usually don't pay too much attention to it, it's just playing in background as we move around and do our preparations for the (not so healthy) dinner.  :p  

And that's pretty much it ...  

Heh. Well since Estonians don't have Thanksgiving, then I think it would be a nice experience.  However I don't think a trip to U.S. would ever be possible for me.  It's just too expensive. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, but I think it's for the best you give up on that idea.  

And I'm sorry to hear about your uncle.  I lost my godfather about five years ago and I still kind of mourn him.  I think it's possibly because I had no chance of saying goodbye to him properly.  I was in hospital myself when he died and wasn't able to go to his funeral.  I  did visit his grave later but still ...  it didn't feel the same ...  

Oct 25, 2016