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A Truly Haunting Experience... lol

I'd like to open this review with a comment about a recent similar series. If you've spoken to me about Another, you'll recall that my biggest quarrel with the series was that it totally lost the great atmosphere it promised early on and resorted to random acts of sketch horror to get by. Now I don't mean to compare Amnesia to Another because it's not a horror series; however, I use the example of Another to point out that Amnesia was able to create and largely maintain this sort of quasi-horror atmosphere. But Amnesia and Another are really quite different so the comparisons will end here. Amnesia borrows from the AnoHana mold of a supernatural guy meets ghost girl relationship. The story also happens to be about getting said ghost girl to pass on. But even more significantly than in the previous reference, Amnesia is NOTHING AT ALL like AnoHana. So it's about time that we got to the heart of the matter of well, what is Amnesia? Other than a state of temporary or permanent memory loss, it's quite a fine modern anime. Not especially unique, but a good addition to the genre. You have some ech fanservice in here, kinda hard to escape nowadays but it's not at the forefront. There's really no more than like 2-3 min worth an ep, so unless it really bothers you it shouldn't detract from the series. Especially when you have a rather clever and well-developed plot. I've always seemed to like the whole split-personality thing and this is certainly a neat spin. The externally-played internal conflict is really well-illustrated at first little by little, until the ladder part of the series when it's at the forefront. This is culminated (not fully resolved at this point, but you know what I mean) in what has to be the greatest flashback ep in recent memory. Granted, that might not be saying much since I find most flashback scenes (let alone a whole ep) to be poorly executed. But I do mean to say much because this was brilliant, the highlight of the series. I should also mention regarding the story that there is a romance plot here. It's straight-forward but sweet all the same. I won't get too much further into it to avoid spoilers. But a big talking point is the ending. Did they force it? Yes, absolutely. But it didn't ruin the series for me. And all and all, the last ep was great until the last like 2-3 min. Moving on, animation. I love anime that change up the animation style throughout the series, and this was a perfect example. The contrast between the normal course of events, to the Shadow Yuuko moments, to the big flashback was much appreciated and indeed praiseworthy. Music is well above average and quite well handled. Now for the characters (shudder to think I haven't mentioned them so far). Far and away the best character is Yuuko (the ghost, female mc). She's hot, she's engaging, and has a deep emotional profile. Can't ask for too much more from her in the role she played. Niiya... not so much a fan. The actions of his character were largely spot on, but for some reason his personality just annoyed me down the stretch. Maybe it was his voice? Then you have two minor female characters in Kirie and Okonogi. Kirie seems like a strong character and seemed early on like she was going to have a major role, but in the end she just became totally insignificant which disappointed me. Okonogi filled her roll admirably as Niiya's upbeat cheerleader lol. Ordinarily those sort of characters annoy me, but Okonogi actually kept me entertained. So all in all, good series if it's the kinda thing you like, which I did. Story and 'feel' are probably the highlights but well balanced, 7.5 out of 10.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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kaosu Jun 28, 2012

Great mention of AnoHana mold, I didn't even think of that (mainly because these two series are so far off lol). But really, 8 out of 10?  As I've said before, too generous man, too generous. xD

"Did they force it? Yes, absolutely."  I lold