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Ano Natsu de Matteru

Apr 20, 2012

Watch the original

Ok, so bad reviews aren't really my thing, but since it seems this series has been getting a lot of attention (for understandable reasons) I figured I might as well give my two cents. So first things first I guess, my expectations going in... I expected more of an AnoHana-esque series. Obviously it was unrealistic to expect another AnoHana, but just something along those lines. I wasn't expecting a complete rehashing of Please Teacher. I know that it was a reunion of most of the Onegai staff, but a good number of them also contributed on AnoHana and obviously AnoHana being much more recent, it wasn't unreasonable this think that would be the direction of Ano Natsu. But as I've said, that was not the case. So now that you have my context, we'll get into some of the knitty gritty. Granted, I liked Please Teacher a lot (you can see my review), but I was very put-off by the whole copycat vibe through the 1st half of the series primarily (but throughout the series as well). That's a big reason for the (generously) chasming score on the story. It's one thing to copy a good series, it's another to be a much lesser copy. And that's what Ano Natsu is through the 1st half, a much lesser rehashing of Please Teacher. There's no argument. Zero originality through the 1st half. The 2nd half does bring in some originality and highlights the positive aspects of the series. That is with exception of the ending. But we'll get to that later. So it doesn't seem like I'm just a total hater I will take some time to go over the positive aspects of Ano Natsu. The series retains the strong animation and solid music of its predecessor. The voice acting is admittedly superior. That was certainly a weakness in Please Teacher which is why it was one of the very rare series I preferred the Dub. The characters become an interesting comparison. Same character archetypes are used in both series. The leads are far superior in Please Teacher. However, the secondary characters are far more significant and interesting in Ano Natsu. So there's more depth in that department. My fav character had to be Tetsu. Also liked Rinon's comic relief more so than Marie's (from Please Teacher). Hated the blue-haired girl though, as well as the Please Twins version of Moreno (aka Remon). I never understood why Moreno became a total creeper in Please Twins after being a respectable secondary character in Please Teacher. But I digress. So the biggest (and only) strength Ano Natsu has story-wise is the completely ridiculous romance polygon. It almost seems like everybody loves everybody else lol. And considering all I really got out of the series was comedic value, that was indeed a strength. And this ties back in to the greater character depth. The secondary characters do provide a good bit of substance to Ano Natsu. I get the feeling that most people cared more about the secondary characters than the primary characters in this series. And here's a little note before I get to the crux of the matter here. When it comes to opinions on Ano Natsu: If you watched Please Teacher (like me) you probably didn't like the 1st half of the series and liked the 2nd. If you didn't watch Please Teacher you probably liked the 1st half and didn't like the 2nd. But one thing both parties can/ should agree on is that the ending is absolutely terrible. One of the worst endings I've ever seen. Like going into ep 10 (yes, I'm going a little further back) given a reasonable ending I probably would've given this series a 6.5-7. Hell, if it was good maybe a 7.5 (not really). But this thing just absolutely tanked, so now we're left with a generous 5. So what happened? *Spoilers, if you really care* A bunch of random nonsense with Mechas and MIB and wtf. But the "best" part... You get to the actual ending. You're telling yourself, at least there's finally gonna be some resolution now for the main pairing. And for probably the first time in the series you actually care what happens to them and want them to be together. But NO. And it's not even like the ending's sad/ touching, it just makes you angry that you wasted you life watching the 2nd half of the series. So my immediate advice is in the title, go watch Please Teacher. But to be fair I will say, if you want something with a little more of an SoL vibe rather than a romance you may enjoy Ano Natsu. The thing is, you could classify both Ano Natsu and Please Teacher as rom coms, but Please Teacher is definitely heavier in the rom aspect and Ano Natsu is more SoL to me than com. But no matter how you look at it, Ano Natsu is a well below average series in my book, 5 out of 10.

4/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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kaosu Apr 27, 2012

The first and biggest train wreck of the year.

You're way to generous.