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You are in CONTROL

[C] is both an epic as well as the little engine that could. This is a fantastic and outrageously unique series that is going mostly unappreciated. [C] has been in the shadow of fellow noitaminA series AnoHana all season long. As such it seems that it has failed to garner the popularity of AnoHana. Myself, I greatly enjoyed watching both of these series back-to-back every week. In a way I felt they complimented each other because they're so totally different, but at the same time they do inexplicably have a similar sort of feel. Both series use drama, there's a similar atmosphere of tension and angst throughout, and both series implement quasi-romantic relationships between the lead characters. But that's enough about how [C] compares with AnoHana. [C] certainly stands out on its own. To say the story/ setting of this series is unique would be a gross understatement. The universe it creates has a fascinating blend of realism and surrealism. The Financial District and its relationship/ impact on reality is a really interesting idea. Early on when people asked me about [C], I described it as a physical manifestation of greed. And in the Financial District, money trades hands in the form of individual battles between creatures called assets. Assets battle for their Entres (people who have access to the financial district). So these battles are a lot like stock market trades. The interesting twist is that these assets are representative of their entre's future. In fact, in order to enter the financial district, one needs to sacrifice their future as collateral. As such, if an entre goes bankrupt in the Financial District, they lose everything in the real world including their future. Compound this with a flailing economy in the real world, and this has severe effects on reality. Not only has reality become completely dependent on the Financial District, but entres who have lost out often lose hope and commit suicide. But one man aims to limit the effects of the Financial District on reality, Mikuni Souichirou. He has built a fortune in the financial district and a guild to further support his cause. By making large investments of Midas money (money from the financial district) into the real world, he is able to single-handedly keep the Japanese economy afloat. Only one problem, the phenomenon called [C]. I'm not going to try and explain what [C] is because it's rather confusing, but let's just say this throws a major monkey wrench into Mikuni's plans. Mikuni's response is the produce even more Midas money and try to absorb the blow from [C]. Only one problem, the more Midas money is produced, the more of the future is taken as collateral (and that goes for everyone's future). But a newcomer to the Financial District disagrees with Mikuni's methods. He wants the preserve the future at all costs. His name is Yoga Kimimaro. Kimimaro was forced into the Financial District by the mysterious Masakaki. He's more than a bit hesitant at first, but slowly but surely he gains a rapport with his asset Msyu. I'll stop there with the story cause any more would be way spoiler. But as you can see this is a really heady series and on the whole the story is great with an ending that's solid and creative (though the post-credits scene was a bit odd). Moving on from the story there are great characters in this series. Both male leads, Mikuni and Kimimaro, are really polarizing characters and their assets Q and Msyu are really solid too. I found it really interesting how they presented self-awareness to Q and Msyu which slowly humanized them despite the fact that they're only assets. The minor characters also set the scene nicely. Once again, would say more, but too many spoilers. Now let's talk about music. The OP and ED are fine and fit the series (I like the OP better), but what really makes [C] stand out is the OST. It's a very unique soundtrack by anime standards. And it sets the atmosphere great throughout. And the final ep had a great Blues/ Jazz track reminiscent of Fallout 3. Who doesn't love that? This gave the series as a whole a nice nostalgic feel. So that's what I'd like to say about [C], I could go on and on. Not quite as spectacular as its counterpart AnoHana, but a great series, 9 out of 10.

9/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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roriconfan Apr 22, 2012

Meh, it was a very messy and rushed show. Very disappointing.

Samehada Jul 3, 2011

@diz1776 What consensus did you take? I love this anime. One of my favs of the season and is now in my top 10. :)

diz1776 Jul 2, 2011

I think that the consensus for [C] was it was crash and burn