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I should mention that I don't usually reviews specials and OVAs of pre-existing series, but here I needed to make an exception. If you read my Oreimo review then hopefully you know that I'm not an Oreimo fanboy by any stretch. Long story short, the purpose of my review was to say that it was a really solid series with strong characters that's not as bad as the haters would have you think nor as great as the fanboys (and girls) would have you think. But to begin the True Route review, I first have to bring up the ending of Oreimo. What I heard a lot of people saying about the ending was that it was maybe a little rushed and that Kirino and Kyousuke's 'moment' left something to be desired. Namely the lack of a kissing scene. I have to say that at first I was also included in this group. But as I brought up in my Oreimo review, once the True Route began with the "Bad End," I understood why they chose not to have such a definitive moment. A brief note on chronology (which if you've watched the True Route already you're well aware of); the "Bad End" is just an alternate retelling of the "Good End" which was the last ep of Oreimo. The remaining 3 eps of the True Route then directly follow the "Bad End." What the True Route centers around is the budding relationship between Kyousuke and Kuroneko. But don't think that Kirino's done for good. Sorry if that's a bit of a spoiler, but it's something I wanted to bring up later anyway. The really interesting thing about the True Route is that it is what the title implies. It's sort of an extended retelling of the ending to Oreimo based on Kyousuke's choice in the "Bad End." In other words, the ending of the True Route does not abandon the story/ plot of Oreimo. But I say 'sort of a retelling' because really it's so much more. While the True Route acts as a direct continuation of Oreimo with a full circle ending, it almost feels more like a 2nd season than a special or an OVA. The overall quality of the True Route is superior to that of Oreimo. Kuroneko in the True Route far outperforms Kirino in Oreimo. Even Kyousuke's performance is elevated (at least in the ending). The True Route has everything you're looking for in a slice-of-life/ light romance anime. There's still humor, some great quotes (one in particular), great intimate scenes, and a great ending. When you really think about it, the fact that the ending is successful is incredibly impressive. It's not easy to resolve a triangle romance in one ep, but they did so brilliantly here. Kyousuke's performance in the ending is pretty stunning, Kuroneko is true to herself, and Kirino's performance is better than anything you saw in Oreimo. But when I say 'resolve,' I don't mean a rigidly definitive resolution. What I mean is a perfect can't-wait-to-see-what's-next resolution. As I said in the opening, I'm not an Oreimo fanboy. But the True Route is truly brilliant. Package the True Route together with the "Good End" and you have yourself an excellent stand-alone short series. Needless to say this is a must-watch if you were an Oreimo fan or not frankly. Give it a chance, keep an open mind, and I think you'll like what you see. The Oreimo: True Route gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me and is largely bumped down because it is just an extension to the series and not a full new season. Can't wait for more from this franchise!


Yeah, it might not be fair to say this but the new Oreimo looks terrible. I should probably rewatch the True Route to relive fond memories of when this series was actually good.

9.5/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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